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On Microblog: Mampilly set to release biggest trade rec of year tomorrow (Tues, May 7)
The stock in questions was WIT, Winpro LLC of India. It moved from a close of $4.47 on Monday to its current late-in-the-day Wednesday price of $4.51. I assume it will be well on its way to adding 15,000% very soon![...]
On Microblog: Mampilly set to release biggest trade rec of year tomorrow (Tues, May 7)
Additional info from his first reference to this announcement last Friday: And while it sounds incredible… This $5 stock sits in a market that’s been grossly ignored by Wall Street." Its services center on artificial intelligence to rival IBM’s Wa[...]
On Microblog: Paul Mampilly-Bold Profiots
Mampilly's advertisement includes the link to a 1.5 hour long video "Revolutionary Wealth Summit". In the video, the company initially advertised (Utah based business software company) is not referred to at all. Instead the entire video is a plug for joini[...]
On Microblog: Paul Mampilly-Bold Profiots
Mampilly to reveal this company on Apr 24 to his most trusted investors: "By leveraging its business intelligence software, this firm grew across the board into the servers of DHL, T-Mobile, eBay, National Geographic, Traeger and countless others. In fac[...]

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