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Liquid electricity

i don’t know how to put in a request for the thinkolater to go to work on something I find politically, strategically, technically and financially fascinating. And that is the vulnerability of our electrical grid and inter net system. Dave Forrest of Casey has given a very articulate (and expensive) pitch about liquid electricity and […]

Jimmy Mengel Outside Club

Travis there’s a pitch for a pot (hemp) company that can meet the shortage of CBD product and will shoot up 10X. Wow. Thinkolater has an opinion. Thanks Jim Becket I’m not sure how to write you directly about your view on a pitch, even on one that will not change the world as we’ve […]

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On "The #1 Penny Stock of 2020" teased by Paradigm... "It holds the $8.18 Trillion Cure to Man’s Biggest Problem"
I'm impressed Travis et al of the research you do, thus nullifying to a degree my gullibility.[...]
On Solving Ferris' "Extraordinary Upside in Rare $13 Gold Stock" tease...
Travis, I'm impressed with the poet in you. the very apt spaghetti image with twirling and sauce powerful image. I do have that stock since a while it was going up. Now what. Harry Dent says gold is going to 750 never been so sure of anything, seems eve[...]
On Microblog: Liquid electricity
Thank you so much bunion132 for the heads up! I thought I had typed in the magic words but apparently not. It took me a while and considerable expensive subscriptions to both learn my lesson and find Gumshoe. Thanks again.[...]
On Microblog: Matt Badiali pitching: " Three Pot Stocks Surging 1,000% in the Months Ahead (and Two to Avoid Like the Plague"
Tough to track companies selling for cents. He did give some pretty substantial clues with numbers, but Ii'm not the detective Stock Gumshoe is. Maybe someone has a clue.[...]
On Friday File: 5G Time!
November 7 - I just watched a webinar with the humorless Jeff Brown of Bonner. I feel so foolish as they promise Jeff will reveal his top pick free. Free turns out to cost $2500. And why do we have to listen for 30 minutes to all these percentages? Why[...]
On Kent Moors says "20% of the world’s supply of one of the most critical natural resources will disappear"
Nick Hodge of Outsider Club has been pushing FCUUF, actually for quite a while, as well. I'm not a fan of ur Dr. Moors, as he's cost me money but he's right some of the time.[...]
On Stutman's "New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household" Pitch
My experience of most hated is due to service as for example cable companies, Time Warner etc. Monsanto isn't about service but about industrial agriculture and the food we eat etc. This is the first time I've seen political insults appearing on this exc[...]
On Can you really "Retire Early From the Death of Monsanto?"
The 'Green Revolution' led to agro-industry creating a chemical agriculture with its nitrogen fertilizer, poisonous pesticides and herbicides which is destroying our soil, our water, our air. The major GMO crops like soy, corn, are going to feed animals no[...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
I invested in pot stocks back in November, doubled my money, then invested in Casy recommendations and lost 65%. And here they are again. I'm still at half of what I had.[...]
On What's "Washington's Private Pension Plan" being teased by Palm Beach?
Thank you Travis. That comment was evidence of the sharp division in this country and disagreement over what are facts and what are not. We seem to always need enemy isms, it was anarchism, then communism, then terrorism tied to Muslims.[...]
On What's "Washington's Private Pension Plan" being teased by Palm Beach?
Bravo, there's a success story, notably to have the sense to get out with such an incredible profit. I'm following Teeka and of course the market has plummeted, he's predicting a second crypto boom in May. Let us see.[...]
On Can you "Buy Spotify Stock Before the April 3rd IPO?"
I remember I think FB that shot up to 40, then dropped to just under 20 and I think it's a bit able that now. So one tactic is see what happens after the first few days and if there is that sell off consider it.[...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
Thanks Travis. I get so annoyed with these pitches and myself for listening as though they actually are going to name stocks. All of the other newsletters give it a lot of publicity,and then it seems 90% of the hour and half are graphs and astronomical [...]
On Will "ADC" Mandate from Congress Make You a Millionaire on December 18by March 31st, 2018?
i've had better success with Michael Robinson and a number of his stocks do appear to do well. I've subscribed, alas, to two other Money Map Press subscriptions before I knew about Travis. Gentile and Gilani. I feel I'm living in an alternate universe. [...]
On Microblog: Bitcoin Wallets - Crypto Currencies Speculation
I'm getting into it. It's quite complex I'm finding. I started with GBTC which is the one on the stock market so that was easy. It was up 300% before the recent dip. Then I've read it's a mistake to invest in this, safer to buy cryptocurrencies directl[...]
On What’s Happening on the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Front?
Thank you for this, not expected! As someone who was recently on the ketogenic diet which makes us run on fat for fuel rather than glucose that last para about glucose in the brains related to plaque was noteworthy.. Again you're a wonderful and surprisi[...]
On Microblog: Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Confidentail
If you watch BTC the numbers are there. Vertiginous ascent. I like an idiot didn't get in back in March, but I did get some on the one available method on the stock market and it's up 300%. That's real but I guess until i sell it, it ain't real. But bl[...]
On "Assassin's Mace" and China's Master Plan for the South China Sea
Gosh even though Ive lost a lot of money following his advice in the past, I bit once again but very modestly and my goodness it's up again. Well the clock is correct once a day. I no longer look at his output. I read Stock Gumshoe![...]
On Solving Mampilly's "New Bitcoin" Teaser Pitch
Thank you as always, saving me a lot of money as I get sucked into the siren calls which in general seem to be more and more promising % returns that require are so long they're hard to decipher.[...]
On Friday File: A Sell, One Long-Term Buy, and some Speculations
This maybe off thread, I'm just getting addicted to Stock Gumshoe without knowing the rules. Wall Street Daily is offering a chance for part of that 241 trillion that's going to be the cryptocurrency replacing everything. I think as a pitch that wins for[...]

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