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Here’s the link to the video for the subject: http://www.markskousen.com/offer/fs-the-fed-swindle?source=FED005 If you escape out of the presentation, you can end up with a page that will print it. Bottom line-he wants $99.95 for a year of Forecasts & Strategies. Background-I’ve listened almost too much to the doomsdayers this year though much of what’s said about […]

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On Hidden Profits hints that you can make "Ten Times Your Money from the Billionaire Leaving Buffett in the Dust"

Unreal! As an F1 fan again from Monaco '15 forward-I can actually add a bit of a comment as to FWONA et al. There are major rumors going round about the sport in general as it looks toward significant rule changes that will take place after the 2020 seas[...]

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On Microblog: Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Options and Possible Treatment Approaches

Thanks for continuing to provide us the quality of info so consistently reported! jl[...]

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On Alzheimer’s Disease: What’s New?

For what it's worth, my Father had died in 2009 at 84 from what I'd been told was AD. In 2004, when he appeared to be going downhill faster, I went to the Amen Clinic in Newport Beach (now Costa Mesa), CA and had the whole Brain Spec Imaging routine perfo[...]

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On Larson's "Great ENERGY PROFIT BONANZA of 2015 and Beyond!"

I actually dabbled in both of these symbols for about 2 months this year-both at the wrong times! SDRL is obviously more volatile than SCO; and, SCO is more volatile than some other choices but still a solid choice. The oil price trend had been bouncing [...]

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On "End of Ebola... This Technology Has the Power to Halt ANY Pandemic in its Tracks"

I'd be interested in how they're allowed to continue to trade. Do they have a reporting out since they're a penny stock? Interesting.[...]

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On Magic Calendar's "Why You Need to Circle This Date Right Now: May 13, 2015"

This isn't worth much but for what it is worth, I drive by the Kythera building every work day. It's located in what used to be 1 of 2 twin buildings built by Countrywide-then taken by BofA-then which remained empty for awhile and have now been re-skinned[...]

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On Microblog: The Statin Guidelines: Looking at the Whole Cardiovascular Spectrum

I've been on 10 mg lipitor and now generic for about a decade...sometimes on and off. As I'd had to change GPs recently, I'd obtained records and did a spreadsheet of readings over the years-all over the map. The very first read by the new GP appeared re[...]

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