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Has Gold lost its safe haven status?

Hi Travis and my Irregular Friends, I was just wondering your thoughts on how the price of gold is acting during this downturn. I understand interest rates affect on gold but inflation should help especially if the dollar looses its luster a bit. I just don’t see gold being seen as a safe haven this […]

Future Equinox deal

I’d like to have some exposure to the upcoming (EQX.V) deal so my question is what’s the best way to do this ahead of the deal. I can’t buy on the Canada Ventures through my Scottrade account. If I was to invest in TREK (LWLCF) would those shares automatically turn into EQX when they are […]

New to Interactive Brokers

I have recently opened an acct. with Interactive Brokers service in order to buy some of the smaller Canadian exploration companies that have little liquidity or no opportunity to buy on the OTC or pinks in the US. I find myself a little intimidated with the IB platform or platforms as my other trading acct. […]


Travis and all others, I’ve been looking for a good entry point in SDRL now that we’re in the 30’s again and I was researching North Atlantic Drilling (NATDF). SDRL owns 70% of NATDF (just recently). NATDF also pays a 9+% divvy and is priced under $10.00. They only have a few rigs with a […]

Buying SAND are You?

I’m just wondering if anyone else is scooping up Sandstorm Gold (SAND) at these pre consolidation prices. I know Gold in general is out of favor at this time but Sandstorm hasn’t done anything except add to their streaming deals and NSR’s over the past 2 years and they’ve grown in a down market with […]


Did anyone else buy into the short squeeze story covered by our favorite gumshoe pertaining to skullcandy? I bought some back @ 12.80 when the teaser was uncovered. Over 11 mil. short. Just announced 5th straight Q beating est. top and bottom line. Company looks solid and pps is over $16 at close today. Shorts […]

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On What's "The Motherlode" being pitched by Dr. Kent Moors -- are you "entitled to a piece of $1.4 trillion?"
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.jb[...]
On Casey: "March 31, 2018: New Legal Ruling Will Send Gold Higher Than Bitcoin"
I think I'll stick with (SAND). Smart management, growing portfolio, future catalyst coming from Turkey and a lot of irons in the fire as far as exploration companies if gold were to start moving up as predicted. For less than $5 a share currently and the [...]
On Facebook Panic!
Zuck seems to under promise and over deliver as the norm. After 3q reports came out with fantastic numbers he then made another statement about having more control and getting tougher by regulating posts that were possible terrorist related. I think he's s[...]
On Friday File: High Five for Low Taxes, and some updates on gold and bitcoin
I know you've covered a lot on Bitcoin and others but I have a comment and question. Comment: The block chain technology is the platform and the foundation for which bitcoin and many others are using as well as it has many other uses other than just cry[...]
On Friday File: Blockchain Week ends, Two Buys, One Sell and some portfolio thoughts
I'm in the camp that see's gold dropping in price perhaps because of the bitcoin enthusiasm as a buying opportunity as it bottoms. I don't see gold fading away as Russia, China and many others are buying more gold now than in the past. Can they all be wron[...]
On Cabot Emerging Markets Investor
I've enjoyed Paul Goodwin's Emerging Market service for 7 years now. I agree with some other comments that he'll cut out a stock quickly if he sees it under-performing but he often will go back to the same stock after it begins to appeal to him once again.[...]
On Friday File: Copper, Growth, and the Cool Comfort of Certainty
Travis if one wants to have exposure to the future Equinox deal is buying trek now a good option as the shares will automatically be turned into equinox share when the deal is finalized. I think the shares will pop when listed but at least on Scottrade t[...]
On Identifying Lashmet's December 31, 2017 medical breakthrough: "Radical treatment that could treat 1 in 2 of all cancer patients"
Travis, Your service is and always has been a wealth of information for your readers who also are generous with their knowledge, experience and time to add their input to better provide those who may not know much about so many different investment area's[...]
On Navellier's "New BUY Signal Triggered" ... what are his "7 New Stocks to Buy Now for Double- and Triple-Digit Profits in 2018?"
Thanks Travis. I've done well with China so I'll share my stocks with my other Gumshoe friends looking for possible investments that have been working out well. You may want to wait for a pullback but there haven't been many as of late. No different from [...]
On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light
Doc, Been taking 10-325 x4 daily for many years for severe joint pain. Just switched to 5mg prednisone daily. No more pain or 10-325. Wondering which is worse. Any thoughts? BTW: Had 2 organ transplants 18 years ago. Thanks. JB[...]
On Friday File: Fairfaxes, Blackbirds, Nodaks and more
wunsche, I appreciate your comment and link but if I only invested in countries who I trust their leaders I wouldn't be investing in the US, China, Russia, etc. The country as a whole is bigger and better than any one leader. IMO. JB[...]
On Friday File: Fairfaxes, Blackbirds, Nodaks and more
wunsche, I appreciate your comment and link but if I didn't invest in countries who I don't trust their leaders I wouldn't be investing in the US, China, Russia etc. Countries are bigger than any one leader. JB[...]
On What's "Gold-X?" Is this really the "easiest way to land 100-bagger returns on gold" with less risk?
Both lithium and cooper should do well long term with the electric car explosion coming over the next couple of decades. I know Altuis has some exposure to cooper but not sure about lithium. If your looking for exploration/start-up exposure I would sugges[...]
On Cabot's "This Stock is Set to Deliver 1,120% Returns" Pitch
I just wanted to add that Paul Goodwin has been around a long time and has seemed to have what I think (for what that's worth) a long lasting and pretty good track record with his picks for Emerging Markets. His portfolio of 10 stocks have done extremely w[...]
On Friday File: Hurricane Insurance, Gold, and GE
Are there any Crypto's that are backed by Gold? I understand bitcoin was once bitgold. Thanks for any response. JB[...]
On Microblog: Buying physical Gold. Where or who to buy from? 1 oz. coins vs 1 oz. bars?
Travis, I can't say thank you enough for taking the time to answer my question. You have been a steady ship over the many years I've had the pleasure to be an Irregular. I've spent a lot of hours reading you as well as on occasion, reading between the lin[...]
On Big Can Get Bigger: updated thoughts on Facebook
Thanks for your thoughts Travis. I was thinking that some CRTO call options may be a thought as they have earnings next week. I know they provide marketing for some of these monster tech companies and since Google and Facebook are lighting it up on mobile[...]
On Friday File -- Trump's "Make America Great Again" Investment
Travis, Do you have any concerns that (SAND) will face some of the same Tax issues that (SLW) is facing since Nolan Watson probably had his hand in setting up both of these tax structures? Thanks in advance for you answer. [...]
On Is "Compound R" a fountain of youth that will add 11 years to your life?
Travis, I had two organ transplants in 2000 and I started taking Rapamycin as my anti-rejection after prograff gave me some bad side affects. I'm now taking Rapamune everyday from Pfizer. This anti-rejection drug as I know it, kind of fakes out our bodies[...]
On April Idea of the Month: License to Generate Cash
Thanks Travis, When I see a lousy looking chart and large short interest it reminds me of LGND and look what that chart looks like now. Misunderstood companies at a good value usually turn around and the reward can be wonderful. I appreciate your hard wor[...]

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