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On Microblog: A Major Turning Point on the Horizon?
This is the obligatory request to update us on some of your past recommendations. I got into IAALF & LMRMF after reading your research about them last year. Thanks in advance.[...]
On Microblog: SDRL reaction Nov 26
Lots of class action and securities fraud notices this week. Travis, do you plan on posting your thoughts?[...]
On Microblog: Nuvilex
I do not stay awake at night worrying about any of my investments, much less one where I clearly state that I am willing to lose my money. This isn't a right or wrong issue for me. If NVLX legitimately sky-rockets and their science proves to benefit sick[...]
On Microblog: Nuvilex
Doctor, my interpretation that you think NVLX is a hot garbage scam is based on your following comments from late January: "They’re just trying to wheedle investors out of some capital to keep their jobs for a season or two." "Have you ever seen th[...]
On Microblog: Nuvilex
There's a short discussion thread in the archives dated Feb 5. The resident biotech expert here thinks it's a hot garbage scam. Search the lengthy biotech threads for comments about it. I've yet to see a favorable comment here. I'm up about 6-fold in 3[...]
On Microblog: NVLX Marijuana stock
How high can I expect the P&Ds to push this one? Up to 0.29 today. My average cost is 0.05 going back nearly 3 years and I've yet to sell a share. News out today about funding for their pancreatic cancer trials. This seems a bit more than a marijua[...]

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