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On Energy Advantage teases: "This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil... This amazing breakthrough transforms seemingly worthless pieces of land around the world into energy-producing powerhouses."
Ted Bauman has been touting that for a while. He was bound to be right eventually[...]
On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris
On Friday File, part two: One Post-Earnings Buy and Other Updates
Haha you sure called this one right. Wish I would have traded into it. Thanks as always for the insight Travis. Friday Files might be my favorite[...]
On What's "The Royal Gold of Marijuana?"
That guys doesn't write here anymore[...]
On Friday File: Dark Stock, Dark Roast, Emojis and Uranium
Just had to enter my first Five Below a couple days ago. When it was first written up here I thought, "who goes to dollar stores?" They are always a strange shopping experience for me. I am surprised to see they are having so much success. A good lesson fo[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question... I believe $BLOK is one of the more popular ones.[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question... I think this is a good place to start. There are viewpoints and evidence of the efficacy of charting and technical analysis. There is also evidence to its contrary. I haven't been tradi[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
This is a copy of a response from Travis from a recent question regarding options. I think it's as good an explanation as any. Hopefully it's helpful. ""Options provide leverage, and you get more leverage if you buy a riskier bet — sometimes it[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Some "experts" will say RSI, others Moving Averages, another making new highs. There are many ways to invest or trade and interpret that technical and fundamental data. It is probably most helpful to find what makes the most sense to you.[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
I think any of the newsletters out there will always have bad picks. They will always have some people that made some money off of them and others that lost. I don't expect there is any one letter that will constantly outperform year after year. But I woul[...]
On OK, OK, We'll tell you about Crypto Pot!
Yeah, the fact that this is a thing seems to spell the end[...]
On Friday File, Part One: Fairfax, Columbia, IIPR and some Random Thoughts
Appreciate the knowledge and even more so the wisdom, as usual. I am often needing the reminder to come back to earth and stop digging for "answers."[...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
I appreciate these types of posts on trade strategy. I like trading options but have just been treading water or losing slightly since I started a few months ago. Thanks for your info[...]
On Deciphering Ray Blanco's "Stockchain" pitch about the "Wyoming Stock Exchange"
Like usual, I have basically the same opinion as you. I thought block chain mania was over and overstock and wayfairer seem like redheaded step children next to Amazon, at best.[...]
On Checking out Lindzon's "How to bank up to 1,000% gains thanks to the 'Crypto Terminal' ... All without buying a single cryptocurrency!"
Just tried using Cindicator, I found their site rather clunky and hard to understand[...]
On What are those "U.S. Freedom Checks" being teased by Matt Badiali?
If you've ever seen Agora's publishing they are even worse[...]
On Friday File Part One: Hedging
This hedge article now seems especially prescient. I will be trusting Travis's market forecasting as the gospel. ;)[...]
On Dr. KSS Liveblog: Noblecon 14
I have to go to one of these conferences...[...]
On Friday File Part One: Hedging
Question: I have considered placing a similar hedge in my portfolio, ( I may wait till March) but I am curious what you think about placing the Puts on QQQ? I have heard that the stocks that drive most of the market run-up often suffer the most in the down[...]
On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"
I have tried to formulate educated opinions about some of the cryptos but it just seems impossible. It truly feels like betting on a 1000 horse horserace. So many interesting, similar, but nuanced ideas and nothing that seems to make decisively more sense [...]

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