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Hey everyone. Just started trading in September. I believe $ALYI and the company that will make their batteries may be good too. $IQST looking for a pull back on it. Got in at .04 on $ALYI Gotten my initial investment of the table. EV motorcycle and about to release their own crypto coin to raise […]

Would this be nice to stick $1000.00 to $10,000.00 down for you bigger investors. I’m not there yet but if we can find this, we’ll, maybe! These are actual investment recommendations my brother David and I have shared with The Motley Fool community over the years – and the list goes on and on! But […]

His target: $2,500 within three years. Such a rally in the stock would bring Tesla’s valuation above $2 trillion, joining Apple, at this point, as the only other company in that lofty realm. See full story ( Anyone have market watch?

I wanted to get your take on this. I’ve been watching it and waiting for it to crash thinking it’s a pump and dump. But there is news about the merger that seems legit and might be something there.

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On Microblog: Paul Mampilly's 100x deal

Thanks for the info. Take a look into $ALYI I got in at .04 got my initial investment out still holding a good amount of shares. They have over 2000 orders and about to release a crypto coin to raise money. They also merge with a German company. EV motorcy[...]

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On What's David Fessler's Teased February 11 "Extreme" Electric Vehicle IPO?

Found to goldmines. TSNP and ALYI already got my initial invest off the table and it’s all profit now. Still ground floor guys check them out. Do your own D&D of course.[...]

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On Top Teaser Stocks of 2020

Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you Travis for the investigation work and Stock Gun Shoe. I’m new at trading started in September. My turkey LLNW. Mistakes selling Pins and PLTR buying the low lesson learned. Riot about 300%, MP 116.33% , IIPR 50.42% C[...]

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On Microblog: Merger of TNSP AND HUML

Thank you. After the presentation. What your thoughts? Its either going to be huge or the biggest scam, as in the biggest pump and dump ever. lol[...]

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On Microblog: Merger of TNSP AND HUML

HUML sky rocket to $7.00 then went back down to 3.00 I'll be watching from the sidelines to see what happens next.[...]

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On Trend Trader's "The Secret $5 Company Behind Elon's Race to Own the Internet"

"PayPal Mafia" Anyone know what the hype is on this and what stock it may be? I'm a late bloomer and started trading in Sept. Thanks[...]

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