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On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$no ticker... RIP Fats Domino... He lost his thrill and achieved blueberry hill long before I did either.... He was a legend...[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$no ticker Thanks kirzlr... I am keeping your post to try after I make the changes Dr KSS and Rick suggested. It is encouraging that there is some possible help with this aggravating LPR. Once again, great comments and I really do appreciate them... Jim[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$no ticker... Thanks "the other" Rick... Everything you said makes sense to me. I have been taking omeprazole for about a year now. It does seem to help. Quite honestly, when I found out I had Sleep Apnea and started using a CPAP that seemed to be the b[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Thank you so much Dr KSS... I will see how making these changes help. I had an Endoscopy about 1 year ago (2nd in about 4 years). I am grateful for your taking time to answer my personal question and situation. God bless and have a great day...[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$Medical Question for Dr KSS... I don't want to be imposing, but you have been kind enough to discuss some medical issues in this forum. I have what they call "silent reflux" (LPR), also Sleep Apnea. My research conclusion bottom line is I have too much[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$CWBR Just Bought @ 6.30 I am a fairly new with the Gummies, but am extremely impressed with the knowledge, both medical and financial so many of the Gummies have. Obviously, Dr KSS quite frankly, amazes me. Thank all of you for your input. I only hope [...]
On Cisco, Chang & Charlie Part 3
Language like "God" damn really isn't necessary. I am praying you understand the God that made you and you will "Bless Him" not be such an enemy as to "damn" Him... just a note, you can't "damn" Him, but He certainly can "damn" you. Really, I feel sorry [...]
On David Gardner's "The Next Amazon.com" Stock
I am a fairly new subscriber to Stock Gumshoe, really am impressed with the knowledge of so many investors here. My question, hope this is a good forum to ask, has anyone had any experience or researched Zacks "CounterStrike" program? It makes sense, but[...]

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