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I’m having trouble finding details about the IPO for this Arizona based company Trusona. I heard about the company in a speech on Utube given by a high ranked FBI agent (not an investment talk) Promises a password less world. Been around for a while and has a customer base. Received additional funding recently. Anyone […]

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On Alzheimer’s Disease: 2019 Refresher and Updates

Thanks for this outstanding summary. Helpful. And I'm so grateful I can still understand it ![...]

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On Oxford's "Single Stock Retirement Play" (Solved and Revisited)

I'm currently a member of the Oxford Club signing up less than a year ago, I think after listening to one of these hypes. So far I'm underwhelmed. I get daily emails from various role players in the club which seem to be "opportunities" to learn about ano[...]

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On What's "The Royal Gold of Marijuana?"

I guess I’m susceptible to the notion that there’ll be a lot of money flowing into the MJ business and wonder if there is someway I can get some of it. Brian Hicks the founder and president of Angel Publishing is hyping a mystery stock that he clai[...]

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On March 2018 Short Takes from Doc Gumshoe

An excellent description of what's going on, of the quagmire one can create when oversimplifying epidemiology studies and/or clinical trials. The research reports require careful reading even by their intended audience. They aren't written for the general[...]

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On Stock Gumshoe

I've been an irregular for less than a year and have thoroughly enjoyed the mailings although I don't always read everyone completely. Not impressed with Travis's investment record (appreciate his honest recounting) but really appreciate his gumshoe work. [...]

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On Profits Unlimited

I bought into the low priced offering this year as sort of a trial. I'm now inundated w sales pitches for more expensive services. I cant figure out what I actually got for my money. Much of what I read below are testimonials of dubious authenticity, jus[...]

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On American Association of Individual Investors

I was probably a little harsh with my ratings since I don't spend a lot of time with the newsletter . I'm a lifetime member of AAII and do not regret paying for it. In general AAII offers a lot of interesting resources.[...]

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On "By March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards

Thanks. I still read some of these ads and although I'm struck by their absurd claims I find myself curious. Your article was very helpful.[...]

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