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From the hype ad: Any ideas what the LETTER or the LOOPHOLE is for only $1500 per yr? Investors could’ve made nine times their money, just by buying the company’s stock when they received this FDA letter. So what exactly is this letter? And how do you find out which drug companies are going to […]

Impact Systems

This is be touted (IMPACT SYSTEMS) by Jim Richard’s, Has ANY one experience with this newsletter? HI, JIM RICKARDS HERE… In less than 30 seconds, I am going to introduce you to IMPACT investing… and I promise your life will not be the same afterward. IMPACT is a new proprietary strategy I’ve created to give […]

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On Long Idea of the Year
guatdodger Thursday, 05/11/17 09:59:58 AM Re: stocktrademan post# 71 Post # 72 of 72 Go &RCAR-Do your own DD, but for burn treatment this looks amazing.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
Ah, the closed minded Alanh that I've come to ....DID YOU DO YOU dd?[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
If you have been reading this blog for the years I have, you would know the AC5 has been touted for burn care over and over and over.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
If would look at this video on RCAR, RenovaCare, Inc.,, Arch may have some competition in this area.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
This is where I got confused:::Comments Delivered During Presentation at RHK Capital 2017 Disruptive Growth & Healthcare Conference at 10:45 a.m. ET Today F The presentation slides are available for download[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
Yes, thank you. I was thinking of PTN that got pushed to 2018 for filing NDA.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
I've been gone from board for awhile. Probably not welcomed back, but not the point. Have been watching and reading as you all chewed each other up the last couple of weeks and then got AC5 and "Heal Thy Wounds." Question: Am I close to correct or far [...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One
AMAG has nothing in the pipeline and mucho debt. They are trying to grow on M & A. I would not touch it with a 10 ft pole.[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One
Whatever that means>>>[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One
Your loser of the month PTN not as bad as TRXC but just a dumb.[...]
On Such A Pleasant Stay
The time this buys them doesn't get them through NDA or FDA. So this is puzzling. The only reason is to buy time for a JV or BO. Before this they had no leverage as they were broke year end. This gives wiggle room for other offers. Might also have som[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
PositiveID (PSID) did a 1-50 split @.22 in July. Stock is now .0039. Not what they wanted. About the only time I've seen it work is when there is a positive information release shortly after the reverse split. With the CE and maybe a partner after that[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
There has been much talk here about reverse splits. Galena Biopharma, Inc. (GALE), just announced this AM a 1 for 20 reverse split. Effective 11/11. Closed yesterday at .23. Will be interesting to watch. Currently trading at .18.[...]
On Sea of Tranquility
$PTN BioPharmCatalyst just changed the latest possible release date of phase 3 to 11/15/16. Following is em from BP, Today, 3:07 PM: "Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, you are correct. Apologies for the confusion caused. The date was changed to more [...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
I think you are a very childish, little man. Stick to YOUR rules.[...]
On Profits Unlimited's "$7 Tech Stock" and the "strange industry expected to surge 8,000%"
Ya kno...ffen you don't obey you will pay. jst sayin[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
That wasn't saline, that was "snow-queen-vodka". But after awhile it doesn't matter.[...]
On Microblog: Club house for the discussion of religion, politics and other unmentionables-volume-VI
And then there is clinton. Glad i live out of the country.[...]
On Ten Common Biotech Investing Mistakes
On Ten Common Biotech Investing Mistakes
Ouch! Some want to put .20 on ARTH and wait 4 years, and I do that also. Some are willing to take a double in 45 days. Even crap has value.[...]

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