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”TILT Holdings Inc is a Canada-based vertically-integrated technology and infrastructure platform”. Matt McCall isn’t pushing this as the usual near term wealth maker, but as a long term hold, w/ big returns not starting for some time. @ about $2 (he says buy under $2.50) it seems like a good gamble, but any other opinions?

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On Motley Fool's "Like Buying McDonald's in 1965" Stock

MF has really declined. I've been watching MF's "5 to buy now". Even before the recent market dumps, out of the 15 I'd followed for about a month or more, only ONE was up.[...]

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On Microblog: What is Matt McCall's, Investment Opportunities, of Investor Place, Pot Stock teaser to buy April 4th IPO

Just an FYI on FLWPF. The reasoning from MM is that he expects this (& the others he held back) will go onto a major listing in the near future, like TLRY , CGC, etc. Even if true, you would have plenty of time for it to subside from the boost after his pr[...]

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On Microblog: TILT Holdings (SVVTF)

I bought in @ $2.31 on 3/5/19-just before it dropped to $1.90, dammit. Feel good that it's been recovering, to where I'm just down 3.4%.[...]

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