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On Casey: "March 31, 2018: New Legal Ruling Will Send Gold Higher Than Bitcoin"
Oops, that should have been Stansberry's gold portfolio.[...]
On Casey: "March 31, 2018: New Legal Ruling Will Send Gold Higher Than Bitcoin"
Midas Gold is appreciating well for me, as is Lundin Gold. Both came from Agora's gold portfolio, most of which hit stops ...[...]
On Microblog: Casey Research: China’s Most Powerful Weapon in the Coming Trade War (Rare Earth material?)
What is Casey promoting in his "Kill Switch" piece?[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
I am constantly amazed by the precision of the rhetoric of these "teasers." This one is somewhat conservative, promising profits with "only" four significant figures (5,349%). I have seen such promises with as many as six significant figures! Don't any of[...]
On "On September 16, some 100 billion dollars could begin to flow into one sector of the market..."
Subscribed for a while; not impressed with the picks![...]
On Microblog: A Non-Statin Pill That Really Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Inflammation without Side Effects Would be a Good Investment, Right?
Dr. KSS, thank you for a well written article and very pertinent information regarding ESPR and ETC-1002. Although you pointed out several of the side effects of the statin drugs, you omitted some very relevant information regarding the reduction in the le[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Historic American Treasure
Trailing stop (usually 25%) has helped me keep gains. If a position goes up 100%, I sell half and play on "house" money. Wish I hadn't sold half of BIIB, though.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Graphene to the Forefront
Switch to Interactive Brokers.[...]
On Microblog: The Statin Guidelines: Looking at the Whole Cardiovascular Spectrum
Jennifer Estes, you are right about the trans fats, and the FDA is complicit. The FDA allows the food manufacturers to claim "No Trans Fats" if the amount of trans fat in a "serving" is below some threshold number. So the companies manipulate the "serving"[...]
On Microblog: The Statin Guidelines: Looking at the Whole Cardiovascular Spectrum
Eyedoc2 is right on! Merck obtained two patents with data showing that statins deplete blood levels of CoQ10, and that this depletion is associated with an increase in the incidence of congestive heart failure (CHF). They patented a combination drug contai[...]
On Microblog: Drug Patents and Generic Drugs: What Does This Mean to Us?
Great job, Doc Gumshoe, of explaining the approval process, including enantiomeric switches! I'm retired, with a PhD in organic chemistry, and quite a few years working for a lab that contracted with Pfizer, and I'd say you nailed it![...]
On Microblog: Secret Announcement by San Diego small firm on August 12, 2013
Just received Louis' teaser. I'd like to know, also.[...]
A few years back I figured out Tobin's tease of BIIB (before becoming an irregular), bought it, and sold half after it went up 100%. The second half is still going up. I subscribed to ChangeWave for a few months, but that was the only big gain from Tobin's[...]
On WSD Insider
Too soon to tell.[...]
On True Wealth
Some good ideas here. OK letter, not great.[...]
On Stock Gumshoe Irregulars
I love this letter. I've made several good investments based on teases figured out by the Thinkolator.[...]
On Stock Gumshoe
I love this letter. I've made several great investments based on teases deduced by the Thinkolator.[...]
On Small Stock Specialist (defunct)
Win record was not impressive while I subscribed. Like all Weiss letters, guarantee is outstanding.[...]
On Safe Money Report
This letter saved my butt twice when it was written by Dr. Weiss. Not as good or as interesting since Mike Larson is writing it. Guarantee is outstanding.[...]
On Stansberry Research Resource Report
Some good picks, but I have switched to Big Gold. I liked this letter when I was subscribing.[...]

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