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What about the latest offer from Oxford Club? The Oxford Club is offering as much as 334% return in 2 years by buying super bonds that they identify for you by becoming a member of the American Stock Quitters. They say your principle is guaranteed and quote fantastic returns from members that have experienced double […]

What is your take on the Michael Robinson offer to advise you on stocks that are being bombarded by nano traders? He says they can tell when this is happening, advise you when to enter and when to exit with a guaranteed profit. You get this advice for a mere $2000……….but after all it is […]

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On Revealing Stutman's "Three Companies that are Leading the Charge to 5G"

Thanks Travis. As usual you have smoked them out again. Hard to believe they are still touting the same old stocks after poor performance! JRose[...]

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On Microblog: Andy Snyder - Codebreaker Profits. Fantastic Promise ???

When The Oxford Club recommends an obvious $2,200 Scam like Andy Snyder's K I Channel 89% gain in one day, think maybe The Oxford may also be nothing more than a SCAM ?? jrose[...]

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On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"

Travis What is your take on the Jason Bond training program at $299/quarter? JR[...]

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