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Anybody looked at the Trading in America pitch.I know for one if i could have gotten in on a few ipo’s i would have.The pitch is the small guy now can get in on the start up.I’m wondering how well i would have done if i was to throw say 10,000 at a few of […]


Just joined looking to have fun. I have traded with Dick Young for about 15 years now. He is now selling all his holdings which he has always been a dividend buy and hold investor. I looking for someone new,kinda same style. Any ideas? Sincerely, Al Coburn

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On Solving Fool's "Betting $523,059.77 on Tom's top pick for 2019" teaser
Pot is a gateway to death and America somehow justifies a gateway to profit.The chickens come home to roost or roast.[...]
On Friday File: Emphasizing Caution... But Still Buying
I love the sobriety I have 34 years.The caribou are gone now. Like they disappeared 300,000/400,000 from Quebec.All outfitters have closed.Five star resorts have been left to the BEARS.Ihate sin stocks.I'm seating in Wells Fargo 4%??????????????[...]
On "Why Would One of the World’s Smartest Investors Sink $522 Million Dollars Into a 'Busted' Tech Stock?"
I think Jim Woods took over the Intelligent investor which was run by Dick Young which bailed by the way on his customers with no notice.[...]
On Sjuggerud's "Favorite Way to Profit from Trump's 'Trade War'"
I'm wondering if anybody viewed the The China Hustle movie?I have a friend that buys fish down there says the movie is right on.[...]
On Motley Fool Stock Advisor
Not a fan salesman when I talked to them.I get seven letters dropped them after there second book! Now i sound old.Hope you all had a good year.[...]
On Friday File: What Will 2018 Bring?
No question pot will die because of whats going on with heroin in the USA.[...]
On Gumshoe Gives Back, 2017-style
I think people are asking is there are some organizations they are not willing to support even though the money is really your generosity. I know I feel that way. Sincerely, Al Coburn[...]
On Gumshoe Gives Back, 2017-style
What cause did I give to?[...]
On Intelligence Report
Bill O'Reily and Sean Hannity are his heros.Had enough of Dick Young when he talked about bomb shelter food to purchase right away.Now that he's close to retire i see him trying to sell his service to what must be his son in law to take over. S[...]
On David Gardner's "Like Grabbing up more AAPL... Years Ago" Supernova Stock
I'm new to this just joined this service.I know your talking about a couple of travel sites.I do a lot of travel all of the americas etc. My point is i have never found better prices by far than hotwire not even close. Who owns hotwire? I have personally[...]
On What's Your Favorite Newsletter?
I've been with Dick Young/Intelligent report for 10-12 years i've done well but now he's selling just about everything not like him at all. Any ideas on a dividend type conservative newsletter for a core port. Sincerely, Al Coburn PS I just [...]

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