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Jim Rickards Deplorables Gold Fund

Jim Rickards claims that Donaldl Trump will have a meeting with world leaders to return to the gold standard which will push Gold to over $10,000 oz. Don’t buy gold or gold stocks because you need to buy the deplorables Gold fund which you can only find out about by buying his newsletter(what else)? Trump […]

Ichan Enterprises

Carl Icahn is giving investors the option to take his unit share payout as stock or Money per share. As an older investor I am trying to decide which is the better choice. I don’t use the dividend now and am trying to prepare for the future with the use of dividends. It is not […]

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On Alpha 15 Portfolio
ve you continued on with their investment plan? Is it doing any better? It sounds good but in real life things don't always work the way they are supposed to.[...]
On What is Nick Hodge's "Montel's Miracle" Stock?
Like Carolyn I am interested because of several loved ones with Parkinson's. Thanks Travis for getting on this one so quickly. A. Fazio[...]
On Microblog: Lessons taken away from the RGDO crash
I am wondering about the machine that uses the toungue to access the nerves in the brain to help MS Parkinsons' etc that Montel Williams and Nick Hodge are talking about. Seems it is a company out of Madison Wisconsin, Any one know anything about this? [...]
On Microblog: Dr. Kent Moors Money Map 1 investment in 25 oil wells.
I was going to talk to a friends father who has been investing in MLP's in oil and gas for over 40 years to see what his comments were. He has made a huge amount of money. I just found out yesterday that he had passed away. He would have been a good sou[...]
On Microblog: Dr. Kent Moors Money Map 1 investment in 25 oil wells.
Thank You Stephen. Great information since Kent wants $5000 up front for a basket of wells. I figure at $5000 from each of 2600+ investors he would pull in appox. thirteen million dollars. That would be nice for him. That is why I wondered if anyone ha[...]
On "The Second Coming... Documented Miracle Happening in 32 States"
Does anyone know how people did with their investment in a deal about 6 mos. where you had to invest something like 25 to 35,000 dollars and it had to be in by a certain date. He certainly has a good copyright editor who really peaks your interest. It se[...]
On Microblog: Drug Patents and Generic Drugs: What Does This Mean to Us?
The generic vs. Brands very difficult for patients and their families. My husband has Parkinsons and a large pharmacy run by a large supermarket chain took it upon themselves to change all his meds to generics. He didn't know the difference but the chan[...]
On Cabot's "$20 Biotech Stock to Hit $48" (Plus Some Personal Buys)
I have a friend who used to sell a similar device years ago. Sort of a rotor rooter device for plaque. Their results were no better than regular angioplasty. I can't remember the co. name off the top of my head but if I think of it will add it later.[...]

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