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On Zenith Trading Circle
Money Map Press has at least one bona fide winning service - Tom Gentile’s Money Calendar Pro. I joined almost a year ago & winning trades have topped 85% (note: Tom does not promise “X” percentage winners, but his trades are real, and I have only [...]
On Wyatt's "Unconventional IPO" -- CEO Invests $25 Million to Start New Energy Company?
TDAmeritrade has the 2019 warrants listed as TPGE+ and the 2022 warrants as TPGH+[...]
On What's Stansberry's "Dirty 30" All About?
It was some time ago - about 6 months. But could have been another Stanberry person who made the redo.[...]
On What's Stansberry's "Dirty 30" All About?
It's likely to be difficult to get a complete list as one of the terms of membership is you don't share this info with the general public. But, there is certainly nothing wrong running these ideas through the "thinkolater" and sharing our thoughts on this[...]
On What's Stansberry's "Dirty 30" All About?
Agree with Travis. I bought one (1) Jan 19 $20 put option on LNG, per a recommendation from Porter. It's deep in the red, but still have about 17 months on the LEAP. Maybe not such a good idea tying up even a nominal amount of capital for so long and go[...]
On What's the "Tiny $6 Million Company" with a "Stunning Patent Verdict?"
Hi Jbinsc - go to the editasmedicine.com website and access the 10 August 2015 press release - it lists the leading early investors. Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Fidelity, Omega (Leon Cooperman), Cowan, and others. A Fortune article from 10 August [...]
On What's the "Tiny $6 Million Company" with a "Stunning Patent Verdict?"
Hi Travis - thank you for the excellent analysis. As you say, it's extremely unlikely we'll see huge gains in the stock price over the next 12-18 months for the reasons stated. However, it's entirely possible EDIT, NTLA, and/or CRSP might be acquired, a[...]
On Mega Friday File: Portfolio Updates, Rick Rule's 7 Deals, and Curzio's Little Gold Hints
Once again, Travis, a masterful analysis. Thank you! Very happy to be a life-time Irregular! There are certainly some tantalizing potential opportunities with the Rick Rule stocks you've identified, but controlling position size is critical for proper[...]
On Microblog: Shah Gilani's death of retail book, being pitched by money map press
I listened to Shah's "Carbon Trade" presentation and it's pretty certain the trades will be buying puts and/or bear credit spreads on failing retailers, and more. He's not only targeting retailers, but that will be the program's primary focus for now. Th[...]
On Microblog: Trump's Nuclear Codes
....at a reasonable premium...[...]
On Microblog: Trump's Nuclear Codes
Thank you, all, for your responses. Seems like Fission Uranium is the closest fit, but I'm going to track each mentioned, with the intent of initiating a small position, possibly in all. Have Jan '19 LEAP calls on CCJ, at a Premium and in the money.[...]
On Microblog: Trump's Nuclear Codes
Any idea what's up with the Trump Nuclear Codes? As usual, it's a teaser (Nick Hodge) guaranteed to make everyone rich. No surprise there![...]
On "$1 Silver Trade Poised to Surge 406% in the Next 90 Days"
...and, thank you once again, Travis, for your wisdom and analysis.[...]
On "$1 Silver Trade Poised to Surge 406% in the Next 90 Days"
all good strategies - I happen to favor LEAPs on precious metal stocks/etfs since one can never really accurately predict how fast/far prices will go up/down. For example I have Jan 2018 near the money calls on GDX, SLV, GG, PVG (purchased during the mos[...]
On Stop Loss Sale (partial) posted
If NAK can secure the requisite government/environmental approvals they are still a very long way from a producing mine. And, production costs will be very high. This is a highly speculative play, but the massive reserves they are potentially sitting on [...]
On Microblog: Pure Carbon Mining
to htl3721 - Talga Resources is TLGRF not TLGRE[...]
On Microblog: "Pure Carbon" and small mine in Sweden
probably Talga Resources - TLGRF. It fits the "clues" pitched by the Outsider Club, and others. New company with a new deposit of graphite.[...]
On Microblog: Pure Carbon Mining
maybe look at Talga Resources -TLGRF. the pitch from Outiders Club, and others, indicates it is a Swedish company. LEMIF is based in Vancouver (and has a mine in Sweden). But, both companies are very focused on producing graphite for lithium ion batteri[...]
On "God's Gold" at less than $9 a share teased by Jim Rickards
PVG is for real, which is more than I can say for most of the hucksters pushing pricey memberships that pick our pockets to line their own. Surprised that Jim Rickards actually recommended this one - most of the "penny" gold/PM stocks he & Byron King [...]
On Friday File: What's Swooning That Might Look Tasty?
Thank you, Travis. Your research & insight is always valuable and appreciated! REITS have been thumped pretty hard lately, and I'm holding off any additional buying until the dust settles post-election (assuming the dust does settle!). OHI, MPW, DOC[...]

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