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Stansberry Research has been sending me a lot of email about Ford’s final prophesy. Anyone have any ideas what they are referring to? It sounds like a pitch for crypto, but I’m not sure. Thoughts? “Yet it’s THIS discovery that will go down as the single most important, most prized, most transformational contribution he ever […]

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On What's "The 20X Weight Loss Drug?" Looking into Lashmet's New Teaser Pitch for Stansberry Venture Technology

Thanks Travis - I had come to the same conclusion based on the evidence in the pitch. I have purchased a moderate stake - and all indicators are the stock will continue to least at the moment. IF Lashmet is correct and this becomes available to t[...]

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On Microblog: Apple-Fi Apple's big Thursday announcement?

So what does it all mean? Apple has more steam in the engine?[...]

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