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Curzio’s latest gold pick

“ the company’s CEO… He’s got a stellar track record of growing miners into gold-producing giants… like Kinross Gold, which is now valued at over $6.6 billion… and Placer Dome, which was acquired for $9 billion in 2006.” This is really omthe only clue in his ad.

Curzio Venture Ops

Curzio teased a little in his show last Friday about a company he went to New York for to do some boots on the groun research. He met with chief of police and spoke of a new weapon that he allowed the police department to demonstrate on him. A new non lethal restraining weapon that […]

Motley Fool “First Trillionaure”

“Prediction will give you goosebumps” This is a Trillion-Dollar Technology. CEO of ARK Investments says it could be worth “35 Amazons”, also says it is “the rocket fuel of the AI” Teaser also says super rich are reacting to tech: Shark Tank Billionaire says it will create worlds first trillionaire Baddy CEO has pivoted his […]

Motley fool Marijuana pick

Does any body know the marijuana stock Motley Fool is teasing recently? I saw an add on Facebook. Apparently it’s a Canadian company, with partnerships with Facebook, amazon, and newly the Ontario government. Since July 2016 it’s grown over 400% and last quarter grew 86% in sales. Sounds like the CEO recently said the company […]

Gold stocks

Is any body familiar with Marin Katusa? Apparently on July 18th he’s going to begin investing $20 million in a tiny group of gold stocks. They’re junior miners. This is the link to his teaser.

Tiny stock to make OPEC Obsolete

I just received this teaser. I know before when he was putting this out he was teasing SUNE. Which we all know could not be the case now. My first thought was JKS. However, I don’t know if he is considering $20/share tiny in this instance. Any thoughts? Dear Reader, At this moment, a stunning […]

Does anybody know what this is about?

Dear Reader, This former chemical engineer turned best-selling financial author has been making a lot of news lately. He’s made six television appearances in the past few weeks on CNBC and Fox Business. But it’s what he’s saying behind the scenes at these interviews that really has people excited. You see, he claims he’s discovered […]

Jay Hooke pattern

I’ve been getting a number of emails talking about a five word rule and the link takes me to a video titled ”always wait for ”the hooke’” one was from Mike ward with oil & energy investing one from Kent moor and the video is a link to Supposedly some scientist discovered a jay […]

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On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"
I thought Lynas was bought by another company[...]
On Microblog: Curzio Venture Ops
I think the biggest clue is that he allowed them to use it on himself. I don’t think he would’ve done that with a bullet of anything. Maybe[...]
On Microblog: Motley Fool “First Trillionaure”
Yeah I first heard of NVDA here when it was being pushed for its AR/VR segments in the medical field, it was around 35$ and I was on the fence until their earnings and it jumped to 45$ owned it ever since. I was thinking this might be a attempt to take adv[...]
On Microblog: The Fool's Marijuana Masters
Some of the marijuana infused beverage companies have been extremely volatile lately...NBEV, IGC, ACBFF, the last one is suppose to be listing on NYSE any day now...check em out and good luck...[...]
On Microblog: Curzio- Tiny $1 Company to benefit from China Shock
I believe you are correct in the Lynas Corp fits the clue about size of the deposit in their mine, Mount Weld, that yields a good bit of tantalum, which is what Curzio is calling “NEO” due to its presence in electronics, and the deposit in m[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
DO you have any idea how comprehensive Cannabix’s IP portfolio is surrounding their breathalyzer? I’m wondering how easy it would be for another company with more resources to roll one out quicker and better. I believe a breathalyzer in this area coul[...]
On Friday File: An "Independence Day Royalties" Guess, plus Real Money Portfolio updates
Thanks for Marin Katusa solution...he’s been on a hot streak lately, the last 2 picks he gave out on a podcast have been bought within weeks of him giving them and it’s possible a third (NSU) will be acquired I’m anxious to get a small posi[...]
On Friday File pt. 2: Annual Review continues
You didn’t mention this stock, it may be your intention this coming Friday file, but I wanted to ask a quick question on USAU. They released drilling results, that seemed pretty descent but the stock tanked. I’m thinking about buying more if it dips an[...]
On Friday File: Fairfaxes, Blackbirds, Nodaks and more
Travis, Have you done anything with your USAU position? I'm getting beat down in mine. I bought at 2.75 and 2.35. It looks like they may have added more shares to the mix, but I've read recently they have had good drilling results. Any idea why it's getti[...]
On Friday File: "Cash for Patriots," plus some Gumshoe Sentiment as vacation begins
Thanks. It looks like they added about 37% more shares. Makes sense of the price drop from 2.75 to 2.25 at one point. Shares went from about 8 million to 11 million.[...]
On Friday File: "Cash for Patriots," plus some Gumshoe Sentiment as vacation begins
Travis, this is off topic but i would like to get your thoughts on the matter. I noticed when USAU first switched over and just before as it was DRAM the short interest on it was about 20% of the float. As of 6/30 it is over 80% Thoughts?[...]
On Friday File: Venture Gold from Curzio, plus A Few Buys and a Sell in the Real Money Portfolio
Looks like DRAM officially changed their name to US Gold and changed their ticket to USAU...I've never been involved in this kind of merger. Will the shares I hold in DRAM automatically convert to USAU? I've noticed no trading activity today as of 1200 ET.[...]
On Mega Friday File: Portfolio Updates, Rick Rule's 7 Deals, and Curzio's Little Gold Hints
Thanks for the Curzio pick, I'm always curious what he's pushing in that newsletter. I remember a podcast a couple months ago where he was really talking up reverse mergers. Must've been some foreshadowing for this pick.[...]
On Schaefer's "This Company Has Everything You Want As An Investor..."
I know you didn't mention it, any clue why NAK dropped so much today on the news of the settlement with the EPA?[...]
On Stutman's "Auto Crisis 2.0" Basket of Companies
NVDA has proven this year, time and again, to be a "buy the dips" stock, it's pulled back 8-10% on several occasions only to reclaim and gain new ground. The gaming segment has done wonders for driving this stock; however, it's auto and datacenter/AI platf[...]
On What's "The Billionaire Gold Syndicate" and why does Frank Curzio think it can return 32X your money?
i regularly listen to Wall Street unplugged and his other weekly podcast, so there is one thing he has said that made me question whether this stock is Brazil resources. He made mention on one of his recent podcasts, when plugging this gold inc. stock, tha[...]
On Friday File: What's Swooning That Might Look Tasty?
I'm interested to know your thoughts on AT&T at its current valuation. I think that if the aquisition takes place in the next year, as it should, then not only will the stock price reclaim its loss but I think this will do wonders for securing their di[...]
On Microblog: Radical Tech Profits teaser for the "Little Black Box"
Qualcomm Is developing a tech called "LTE Direct" that does the same thing as these "black boxes" but instead, it uses cell phones in leu of the cell tower. So everyone's cell phone can one day be used as a cell tower and not disrupt or interfere with the [...]
On Microblog: Radical Tech Profits teaser for the "Little Black Box"
Semiconductors or internet provider?[...]
On Microblog: Radical Tech Profits teaser for the "Little Black Box"
No clue[...]

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