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So many biotechs, so little time. A biotech, IDIX, gained 229% today on news that Merck will be buying this company that is developing a hepatitis C drug. It always amazes me when I see this happen to a stock that I haven’t seen teased! Hindsight highlights the good, bad, and envious:-)

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On "For Less than $8 a Share, You Can Buy the Best Tech Stock"

So how would you buy a $700 cell phone for $100, or even $300? I think we all know we're paying too much for phones and most stocks, so CW, how bout you throw us a straight, Travis-like pitch?[...]

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On 3D Printing Gen2: "The World’s Most Disruptive Growth Market is Taking Off – Again!"


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On "Forget Bitcoin!" What's Wall Street Daily's "private currency sweeping America?"

Poor Gerald, book sales must be horrible! I fear that your shameless plug on the gumshoe site will not bear fruit, we are learning here to avoid the pervasive scammers.[...]

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On Microblog: Hepatitis with a C

My gut, unfortunately, sank on the news and the after hours trading numbers. I understand why you wish to remain positive, but for me, the hit is quite negative, no matter that I'm not terribly surprised. I will not throw more money at Regado.[...]

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On "The End of Obesity" and the FDA Announcement expected on June 17

Is this the same stock that's got Michael Robinson in a 'feeding frenzy'? Bad pun intended.[...]

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On Who's Tesla's "Operation Bluestar" Silent Partner?

Good question fa....the answer is coal. Back to the future anyone?[...]

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On "The Goldstone Strike ... The Safest Mining Stock in the ENTIRE Market"

Very helpful Vivian. Now if you would be so kind as to send the physical address of your best physical jewelry?[...]

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