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On Microblog: Matthew Carr's "Trailblazer Pro" and its "Living Medicine"

Yes, I'm reading about this too and wonder the same thing as an Oxford Subscriber[...]

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On "It Stops Viruses!" Matt Badiali teases that we can "Cash in on the Massive Profit Potential of This Miraculous Green Rock"

Your Newsletter is almost worth it's weight in gold, but at least for saving me from the losses of so many offers out there that all seem to be around $2K to get into.[...]

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On Microblog: Tom Gentile’s pattern trading

Makes me wonder if this isn't his renamed Money Calendar service that has such a low rating from everyone else[...]

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On Motley Fool's "Dawn of the T288 Era" -- What are those Secret AR Stocks hinted at by Eric Bleeker?

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your thoughtful research and analysis to help clarify as well as debunk so much of what's being sold to us. This may be one of the most valuable investment services out there.[...]

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On Microblog: How to Become a Drug Royalty Millionaire in 1 Year

Based upon other posts, it's Ligand Pharmaceuticals (LGND). They're down more than 50%[...]

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On Microblog: Marc Lichtenfeld: A Potential $5.8 BILLION Drug Royalty Stream

Very thankful for this service as I was listening to Oxford Club's free offer for access to their Lighting Trend Trader service and a huge 3000% Biotech trade recommendation. Who wouldn't want a $4K service for free. Didn't wait until the end and came her[...]

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On What the heck are "Alpha Contracts?" Can you really "Lock in $52,000 with just 4 clicks of the mouse?"

Well, Agora is at it again selling the "Alpha Contracts" Kool-Aid message. Of course they massaged it a bit, since you write this article in response. So glad for Stock Gumshoe to peel back the blinders so as not to get sucked into the Siren song.[...]

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