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On Micro Energy Trader
Does anyone have update info on his new EWI Device (Electronic Wave Inversion)?[...]
On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
Myron I would be very interested in joining your penny stock service. How would I sign up. Les[...]
On Will Keith Fitz-Gerald's "X-Pattern" Drive this Stock Up?
Just wanted to thank Travis for an excellent article and Gerald and Guy for their excellent inputs also. Very helpful.[...]
On Teeka Tiwari's "Next Breakthrough" to Go Public?
Not sure but they are using the new tease of writing 500 checks for $2000.00 for members who want to get involved in purchasing the patent stakes of this new disruptive medical technology. They didn't mention the " one device to end all diseases" and I wa[...]
On Teeka Tiwari's "Next Breakthrough" to Go Public?
Travis, could you also put your Thinkolator to work on Money Map Press new tease: Special opportunity to purchase patent stakes in a disruptive new medical technology now under $10.00. Sales projected to grow 63,000% and create $7 trillion by 2017. Thanks[...]
On "The new energy boom that's predicted to be 15,566% bigger than oil... and it could QUADRUPLE your money in the next 8 to 12 months… " (Dr. Kent Moors)
Travis, do you have any suggestions on Dr. Moors latest teaser about he has found a profoundly huge money source in just one small community, that will turn one out every 50 people into millionaires. He knows the backdoor way for anyone to tap into this w[...]
On What about 'dem Robots? (DeHaemer's "Ride the Robot Revolution" Stocks revealed)
Does anyone have info on the Robots inside Australia Mining teased by David Dittman of Investing Daily? Thanks.[...]
On Could Leeb's "Sinclair Oil" Help You Pocket $150,000?
Travis, thanks for the link. I believe this is the stock Leeb was teasing. You're the best.[...]
On "The Biggest Social Media Opportunity EVER?" ("Microcap" pick from Stephen Leeb)
Travis, Stephen Leeb was also pitching a new Wyoming Oil Driller that could turn $10,000 into $150,000, located in the Mercantile, Big Horn area. I was hoping your Thinkolator could come up with a symbol for us if you saw his pitch. Thanks.[...]
On What a Year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! My top stock pick would also be STELLAR: SBOTF and also hopeful for NATCORE SOLAR: NTCXF[...]
On "3 Undiscovered Stocks That Could Explode This Year!" from Penny Stock All-Stars
Also looking for any new stock tips on Riding Texas Code 42 Bonanza. Appreciate any suggestions to do more research on. Thanks.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Focus on Silver
Aloha Myron, I truly appreciate your recommendations and updates. I believe when Jr. Miners make their come back it will be an explosive ride. It is really hard to find the details of small, quality miners and you have done a great job of letting us know[...]
On Michael Robinson's teased "'Politics Proof' Defense-Tech Play"
Really like the box for a quick reference and your spin. Thanks alot.[...]

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