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Does anyone understand why GAN’s price continues to decline. It seems like a fundamentally good stock in an area that I would expect to grow significantly (sports betting). Many “experts” are using price targets in the $25 to $30 a share range. Today it dropped significantly below $17. It continues to drop while competitors like […]

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On Microblog: What's UP with GAN?

Appreciate you thoughts. For now am holding my shares and would consider adding a little to my position if it gets near 16 again. Nice to see a little upswing today. I do own some Draft King which has profited nicely off of their publicity. Also have t[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown's Gene Sequencer Company

Could be Twist Bioscience Company (TWST). Currently at $62.97. I believe they have been around for a while, but not sure they have a "new" gene sequencer. Believe I got involved with this one after reading some information from one of the Motley Fool [...]

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On King's "Great American Reset" Stock

Happy birthday Travis. Love the website. Will be easy to remember you birthday as I was also born on August 6th.[...]

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On Gone Fishin'

Love this site also. Recommending it to my friends. Hope Travis is having a great time off. Great value and don't have to waste money on trying to find a site that charges a fortune for poor information. When you get back keep up the great work.[...]

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On Friday File part 1: "Accidental Discovery" and a 10-Cent Stock?

Travis, I love this site and greatly appreciate your advice. I have bought both GAN and FSLY based on you site and have been very happy with these choices. Although it is not possible to make all the right choices your site has helped me to make better [...]

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