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On Friday File: China, Data Center and 5G Shakeup... plus a couple boring buys
I still wish you'd look into Poet Technologies. Planar optical interposer chip, using fiber optics instead of copper on a silicone chip that runs 100 times cooler so the chip never overheats when fully loaded up with high speed information.[...]
On Chris Wood's "Tiny Disruptor" in 5G teased for "Project 5X"
That's because they are in non-disclosure agreements maybe Palomar, Broadcomm a=or Qualcomm[...]
On Friday File: Buying More 5G, Earnings Season Thoughts, and more...
Travis, I think you need to take a closer look at Poet Technologies who is working with Huawei, Global Foundries, Apple, and Accelink that makes the MBox. Nokia will be the middle man.[...]
On "Critical Event Taking Place on April 25" Means 5G Opportunities from "America's Most Arrogant Investor?"
Optical Interposer is another one. It's Poet technonlogies solution for cooler running Semi Chips. It uses fiber optic photonics to replace heat sensitive copper along side it's gallium arsenide based chip.[...]
On Microblog: Micro Cap reporter pitches "Magic chip" to make the internet 50X faster.
It's Poet Technologies. I've owned it for 10 years and is about to explode this month![...]
On Solving Stutman's "How to Bank 1,343% on the 'Chip' EVERY Electronic Device Needs" Teaser
On 2017 Turkey of the Year
What if Paypal were to go Crypto???[...]
On "The Secret Penny Stock that Supplies Apple"
I know this is an old article, but I th up nk 2 companies we should be looking at are Poet Technologies and Anadigics. Poet stands for Planar Optic Electronic Technology using Anadigics Gaas Gallium Arsenide. Basically mounting optics onto a silicone chip [...]
On Microblog: POET Technologies, symbol POETF, Moore's law Game-Changer...
If this does what it is suppose to do everything will be lighter thinner quicker smarter and change the world for the butter[...]
On April "Idea of the Month" from the VIC
Last September I came across a stock while looking at Northern Graphite. POETF, It was only .48 cents. Someone posted that graphite was years out and that this co's technology was realistic and would soon take the world by a storm. After plenty of researc[...]
On Catching up on CVD Equipment, the Sandstorms, and some other Favorites
NGPHF has large flakes too.[...]
On Catching up on CVD Equipment, the Sandstorms, and some other Favorites
That CVV stock has driven us bonkers as of late. I think you are spot on and I will be watching for any breaking news. On another note, I did buy more Northern Graphite , NGPHF.PK since they Ministry has allowed the mining ops to go forward. My concern is [...]

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