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Isn’t there a discussion group following biotechs? Some of them used to be, or still are part of those followed by the KSS group. If there is one or more, maybe you can refer me to it, If there are no discussions, please let’s start one, if there are interested parties.

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On Friday File: Panic! ... or maybe Don't Panic!
Travis - Excellent column as always. I generally just ride the down-cycles out, and am usually bottom fishing in these markets. One reason is that I often have significant gains in many stocks, even when the market is tanking, and am reluctant to take th[...]
On A Realistic and Unbiased Assessment of Some Supplements
If one eats primarily organic tofu (so presumably no Monsanto Round Up ready origin), is there also evidence that tofu (or soy products in general) are bad for health? Thanks, Allan[...]
On Gumshoe Gives Back, 2017-style
Your articulate, low key, self-deprecating "Gumshoe Gives Back" narrative must have reached my warm fuzzy receptors because I just signed up as an irregular and feel good about doing it. I might have done it anyway, but when the amount goes to a worthy c[...]

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