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Fundfolio & ETFs rebalancing

Hi Travis & forumers I’ve always had a luck of culture on this topic.. ”rebalancing portfolios”. So, I’d like to start a thread (if that would be interesting not to me only). questions like – how Travis manage /rebalance his fundfolio? – are those %figures in the Real Money folio updated yearly or quaterly or..? […]

Energy, oil and speculation 2018/2019

I notice in Travis real money portfolio there is not much weight on energy related stocks, and corresponding speculation (ie. call). I wonder – if my statement is correct or just an impression, and what are readers thoughts. – what is the main reason of that, if there is any. – and last, if Travis […]

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On Friday File: Buying More 5G, Earnings Season Thoughts, and more...
Altius (ATUSF) is testing my patience as a long time investor...every quarter on.. again and again.. and like no other! Do you have any comment regarding the poor performance the stock has been doing for ages up to now? Thanks[...]
On Friday File: My "Top Ten," plus Some Adventures in Shorting and A Check-in on Gold Royalties
Travis, it looks you are having more fun than ever in these times.. which is so gooood! Keep it up[...]
On Friday File: Selling and Buying in Big Insurance and Data Centers, and some Quarterly Updates
Great conversation Travis. Thx[...]
On Friday File: Two Buys, Two Stop Loss Triggers, and earnings updates
@Travis I struggle to understand why Fairfax is so poorly covered on the news, plus, they get discredit articles like this one.. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/did-fairfax-financial-holdings-limited-121909119.html?.tsrc=rss Any idea?[...]
On Friday File: What Will 2018 Bring?
Hi Travis: On USAU Do you think the price spike could be due to this? https://d1io3yog0oux5.cloudfront.net/usgoldcorp/files/docs/43-101_CopperKing_2017_v4.pdf And what do you think the price could be headed to based on new revised expectations?.. [...]
On Friday File: Bitcoin, Volatile Week, Two Sells and a Buy
Hi is someone interested to discover what is the: 'Cryptocurrency ‘MASTER KEY’ that is being claimed by Navellier newsletter ..?[...]
On Microblog: What is the new claim by Jim Rickards about Trump's Dollar Re-Boot?
I'm also really puzzled on this.. no idea ![...]
On GameChangers
Hi Travis, Cannot find the Gamechangers section you mention on Gumshoe site .. Is this just work in progress, and this just initial sample? never try Kramer service. just Motley, Navellier and Investingdaily (for some time).[...]
On Friday File: Altius, Disney, REITs and More
Uranium. If Uranium drops some other-30% I want to stay with Uranium. UWE.TO[...]
On Navellier's "Rare Opportunity to Turn $1,000 into $200,000" in Wireless Power
On Navellier's "Rare Opportunity to Turn $1,000 into $200,000" in Wireless Power
Travis, When you state that your love for us irregulars finds the surest proof because you was forced to watch the whole full video tease, then I had to stop reading because I was ROFL!!!![...]
On Friday File: Value Investor Conference
Dear Travis Thank you for your valuable information as usual, as well your dedication. This puts my thinkolator at work, and I can't resist to ask you 2 questions: 1) If I have to (very simplicistically) reduce your investing philosophy and compare to, [...]

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