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DNA-based anti-counterfeit technology

I bet we’ll be hearing teasers for Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) soon. APDN makes markers based on sequences of botanical DNA that as far as I understand are completely un-copyable. The technology is good enough that the DOD has mandated chip makers use APDN”s technology ( The stock is up about 100% over the last […]

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On February Idea of the Month -- Oil Services
Thanks for the NOV suggestion, Travis, I've been thinking about getting back into it. I'm sure you don't need more energy ideas to sift through, but, what the heck, I'll throw them out there anyway. I'm a multi-year holder of Energy Recovery (ERII) and [...]
On Microblog: A Nuclear Power Uprate for Your Portfolio
I'm not sure what happened today, but LTBR is up 96% with the second highest volume ever on no apparent news. It's still well below all-time highs but up substantially from when the article was written. CC on August 2nd may be interesting![...]
On Microblog: teaser about sound laser
Parametric Technologies (PAMT)[...]
On Prime Time for Royalties
Thank you, from a loyal Irregular.[...]
On Prime Time for Royalties
Travis, do you have any thoughts on Sprott Physical Silver (PSLV)? Does the drop associated with their recent follow-on offering make them attractive at these prices?[...]
On Microblog: A Nuclear Power Uprate for Your Portfolio
LTBR is up 70% so far this year on high volume, almost all of that since 1 February. There hasn't been any news from Lightbridge but there are milestones they have said they expect to hit this quarter with their fuel fabrication and testing. The rise this [...]
On Microblog: Having Our Yellowcake and Eating it Too: Paladin Energy
A recent bit of relevant information. Cameco just had its conference call and the CEO confirmed that the Megatons to Megawat[...]
On Microblog: Having Our Yellowcake and Eating it Too: Paladin Energy
That would be "The tsunami at Daini..."[...]
On Microblog: Having Our Yellowcake and Eating it Too: Paladin Energy
i at Daini was actually higher than the one at Daiichi. TEPCO reported their "tentative assessment of the heigh[...]

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