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CLWR what is it’s financial future?

Travis covered CLWR as late as 2010. Since then they have been on a downward trajectory. It would seem that the press coverage has been good with deals with Verizon and now China. But still the stock goes down. Is the talk of bankruptcy or being severely under funded the problem? The stock is running […]

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On Westport Says "Next Year!" ... AGAIN
Och, this one hurts. I have bought and sold previously for an average 6% gain, but yesterday and continuing today will take forever to recover. Still believe in the story, but the infrastructure is lagging and making it less attractive/even inconvenient to[...]
On What's the "Financial App" That Lets you "skim money from millions of banking transactions?"
Your timing on this one was incredible. Thank you.[...]
On Three Stocks Revealed for Motley Fool's "The Year the Internet Disappeared"
Thanks Travis, I do like reading your materials! I have bought a few of the Fool's recommendations over the years and still hold them being up $1336.89. (+6.6% $243.45; 13.01% $1117.92; 170.04% $3242.24; -18.47% -$1350.78; & -38.57% -$1915.94) Like all f[...]
On April "Idea of the Month" from the VIC
Travis and his guest are who I pay to read articles from! This is a comment section please respect that! Subscriber suggestions are just that, link those who want more and give others the chance to add if they wish.[...]
On What are those "Movable Pipelines" that might hand us "a small fortune?"
I saw post on a new Pure Hydrogen play, Amazonica Corp AMZZ, that identified a newly acquired refinement process. Was hoping it might make a worthy discussion.[...]
On May Idea of the Month: "Busted Growth Revival Story"
Today I bought my first exposure to RST. Telling my son (a fire fighter) he said the EMT has an app on his android that does exactly what Alan speculated will occur. The EMT speaks into the phone and hands it to the non English speaker were the phone trans[...]
On "Unmistakable Signal is Flashing 'Buy'" (David Gardner's Motley Fool pick)
Just a couple additional thoughts about ONVO and 3D printing. The current technology has to make the transfer into the applications that grow income. With the tissue printing applications perhaps more drug manufactures will catch on and can run isolation t[...]
On "Unmistakable Signal is Flashing 'Buy'" (David Gardner's Motley Fool pick)
Sometime in 2006 a friend in the aviation business shared with me they had been experimenting in the use of the 3D printer in making molds and an associate who had a business working with entrepreneurial types was creating 3D prototypes saving them boat lo[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts on GE
I am not the typical person to reply to analytical inquires. We have owned GE for the past 15 months. It has paid a dividend that is now .17/share. We are up $1307 today and the share prices is down $0.18. I find the company one that fits my Buffett filte[...]
On June Idea of the Month -- Print me up, Scotty
I have been a reader of the free gumshoe email and facebook post for some time and finally made the leap into the Irregulars. Have no excuse except that I'm cheap. I read each mailing and am impressed with the level of information Travis shares. Now that I[...]

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