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Makes market predictions based on mass psychology and technical analysis. Mass psychology is used to determine the emotion driving the markets and technical analysis issues fine tune the entry points into ETFs.

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On "TV Streaming Gold Rush" leads to " One $10 Stock That Can TRIPLE in Value"
Hi Frank- Thanks for letting us know. I've just sent you an email about this. If you don't see it, or have any questions, please let me know at Thanks, Lynn[...]
On Microblog: Travis, what is the "cut and paste" biotech that's supposed to be a cure for genetic diseases?
Travis covered that last year, and reposted it today:[...]
On Become one of Travis' favorite people!
Hi Barb- please do send something in to ! Also, for the future, Irregulars can always start a discussion here, by going to the top menu of the site, clicking on Discussions and then Start a Discussion. We'd love to have your cont[...]
On Become one of Travis' favorite people!
Excellent! Make sure you check out this article that Travis wrote a while go for new investors, and see what our readers have to say in the comments as well:[...]
In case you missed it, Travis answered this question for the Irregulars, here:[...]
On Friday File: Markman's $5 "Next Cisco"
Travis recommends this free options training site:[...]
On Microblog: Florescent sand
Yes he did! Thank you Steve--trying out the terms in the search bar is always advisable. Here's the article:[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Travis likes this site as a free tool to learn about options:[...]
On What was that "Forever Royalties" pitch all about?
That subscribe feature is fixed now. You can find it above, at the end of the article. Thanks for your patience while we worked that out![...]
We haven't covered this teaser pitch, and this isn't one of our articles. This is a discussion started by a reader. It looks like the reader posted a teaser ad, to see if anyone had any answers. There's another discussion about that one, here: https://www.[...]
On Microblog: Quick Income Trader
If you have any experience with this newsletter, please leave a review, here:[...]
On Microblog: Gold, Silver, Copper, and Hard Assets…Fall 2017
This thread has been closed to additional comments. The discussion has moved here:[...]
Here is our review page for that newsletter. Please add your opinion here if you have experience with it:[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
Hi Hausman- Travis is our president and the Gumshoe himself here at Stock Gumshoe. If you're on this site, you've found him! If you have any questions, please contact me at[...]
On Alex Green's "No. 1 Stock in 2019" -- $3 "Single Stock Retirement Plan" trading under a "Secret Name"
Hi Earl: It's in the article above. Foxconn/Hon Hai Precision Industry (2317.TW, HNHPF)[...]
On "Free Shares" of "Covert IPO" Biotech to hit $100 Billion?
Here's a link to our page on that company, which lists all of the times it's been tagged on our site:[...]
On Microblog: Learning Options
Travis recommends this site for learning about options: Here is a link to everything we have on the site tagged "options or futures":[...]
On Updated: Can Americans now collect "Federal Rent Checks?"
Hi Lee: Travis recommends this site for learning about options. There are a couple of discussions on our site about trading options. Go to Comment »
On Night Trader, The
Hi Jack- This is just the Stock Gumshoe review page for The Night Trader, where readers post reviews. We don't publish The Night Trader or have any relationship with it. You'll have to contact the publisher, Money Map Press, regarding your subscription: ht[...]
On Seismic Profits Alert
Hi Jack- We are Stock Gumshoe and this is our page where our readers post reviews of Seismic Profits Alert, but we do not publish that newsletter or have anything to do with it. You'll need to contact them regarding your subscription: https://moneymappres[...]

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