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On Stutman's "#1 Stock of This Generation"

Sorry you had to wast your time to answer, Travis. Maclin[...]

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On Checking in on a few "iPhone Release" Teaser Stories -- Drama for October 13?

I owned 2000 share based on Jeff Brown . Sold all 2000 after months of loss. Maclin[...]

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On A "Rule Breaker" and some "Cloud Disruptors"... A Smorgasbord of "Secret" Fool Picks

Travis, I would like to start a new subject if I may? Have you looked at Casey Research’s , Teeka Tiwari, pitch on crypto currency ( he calls “Tech Royalty). I Would like your take ! Maclin[...]

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On Friday File: More on that "WeWork of Cannabis" Report

Travis, I am a Irregular member and your the best money I ever spent on stock Investing. I would like your thought on Casey Research’s ,Teeka Tiwari, pitch on crypto currency or his name “Tech Royalty“.James Maclin[...]

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On Sniffing out Mampilly's latest "True Momentum" Trade

I took his news Profits unlimited for a short time . Stopped it in less than two month. Only get emails to up grade to a higher price news letter. No grate stocks to buy. I did get my money back. Maclin[...]

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On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount

Travis, have you seen Jeff Browns show on 5g Stock to buy? He list a number stocks to look in too. ie tsm,Swks, Not, glw[...]

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On In Defense of the Egg

Thank You Doc. More Doctors and Researchers should talk like YOU. You take a complex subject ( DATA ) and tell it simple and easy to understand. James Maclin (Irreegular)[...]

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On Thinkolating on the "Tesla Killer" -- what's the "Breakthrough 'Quantum Glass' Battery"

Thank you for another outstanding review.. Maclin[...]

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On Friday File: Annual Review, pt. 1

Travis,have you heard Matt McCall’s pitch on”Quantum Class “ battery. Would you look it over. James Maclin[...]

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On Cancer: The Lay of the Land in 2018

I had Prostate cancer in 2006. I chose seed implant Oct.23, 2006 and have been cancer FREE 11 years , it works[...]

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On Friday File: An "Independence Day Royalties" Guess, plus Real Money Portfolio updates

Travis, I just read a pitch from Michael Robinson on “Nano Crystal Electricity” from Nova-x Report about a tiny firm that could be worth milllon $. Join his Nova-x Report for only $39. For a year. What’s your say? Irregular Maclin[...]

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