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Hopeless optimist, thirsts for the cold-water analytics offered by our fearless leader, whom we guess to be harboring a positive net worth and therefore a mentor to be emulated.

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On Motley Fool Issues Rare “Home Run Buy” Alert
$TTD long: I bought my shares back in Nov 2016 for $22.55, and haven't sold yet. But all analysis aside, all crystal-ball exercises accounted for, I would sell it in a millisecond [that I could respond so quickly!] if it breached the Tradestops VQ SSI into[...]
On Cisco, Chang & Charlie Part 3
$AKTX np The single biggest current hole in asthma therapy is the fact that the only reasonable-cost leukotriene inhibitor [montelukast] only blocks LTC4, LTD4, and LTE4, and does nothing to inhibit LTB4, which is arguably the most-responsible mediator th[...]
On Microblog: any analysis on the Money Map Press latest tease - Rogue scientist's technological "hack" caught on video
This company was heavily teased 2 years ago, when they apparently thought that the patent fight in court would be over quickly [or they thought they could convince us of that]. This is all about rights to the gene-editing technique known as CRISPR. So th[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
$ZFGN long This article reports that microbiome engagement alters hepatic metabolism of some environmentally-worrisome compounds, and I wonder if some of the unusual dose-response relationships th[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
$TRIL : np Greetings! Do you recall when the original DKSS write-up or most extensive commentary on $TRIL occurred? I missed on my first search.[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
$ATNM np - Dr.KSS, is there a chance that a typo made you say you would NOT consider re-entry above [meaning you meant to say you would NOW consider...] or is there still reason that you would avoid the company?[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
GNFTF np Announcing upcoming shareholders' mtg: Review of price action since the last mention I could find in the threads, wondering if any are planning [...]
On Long Idea of the Year
Perhaps an approach to reduce unwanted posts could take this form: every worthy member of the Gummunity reviews a couple of Dr.KSS articles, and then creates a question or two about the article that only the diligent consumer would be able to answer. We th[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
The 2015 paper is extremely interesting. Now I have not carefully examined all of the supplemental data available online, so I may have missed some data that bears on these questions, but I wondered about 1) Experiments designed to detect transcribed pept[...]
On "Assassin's Mace" and China's Master Plan for the South China Sea
OK - Moors the buffoon can be entertaining for a minute or two, depending on how sensitive your "insufferable meter" is, but using him as a springboard, there probably are a handful of smallish new entries in the defense contractor sector that are destined[...]
On Mizrahi's "This ONE STOCK is the 'Next Berkshire'" Pitch
Is this a position where converting money to C$ and buying on the Toronto exchange is likely to make any significant diffierence?[...]
On Explaining "26(f) Programs" and the "Retirement Blackout" on April 10 teased by Keith Fitz-Gerald
Travis, the thing I didn't get from Fitz-Gerald's pitch was how these mutual funds could be tax havens, and how owning any of them could cut my personal income tax obligation by 50% - these were two big points in the pitch (I already knew that 26(f) referr[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One
Dear Dr. KSS, New here, and still trying to get a feel for what's appropriate. I get FierceBiotech every day, and I see stuff that could be of interest, but I have assumed that everyone on here probably reads that, so I have refrained from cluttering up th[...]
On Microblog: Yellow Eyes, White Powders, and an Unknown Nordic Biotech That May Green Things Up for Investors
First, let me apologize for my ignorance of many of the details on how this system works. For instance, I have no idea whether my adding a comment to a post that is this old produces any recognition event to you or on your part or not. Second, I don't know[...]
On "Miracle Made Real" as "Superman Flies Again"
I know this type of biotech is perhaps not Dr. KSS's favored cup of soup [I have the impression that he's a lot more of the molecular biology type rather than the even more squishy "stem cell biology" type, but he always seems to have his feet firmly groun[...]
On What's that "Safer Aspirin" Pitch from Ernie Tremblay About?
Never underestimate the vicissitudes of the drug market - the only difference between Accolate and Singulair was twice/day versus once/day, and that was all it took - Merck's Singulair was second to market behind Accolate, but it swept the market almost to[...]
On Big Can Get Bigger: updated thoughts on Facebook
Sold $21 puts against it in Aug 2012 thinking that'd be safe, and got put the stock anyway. Then sold covered calls against it ever since, and it always seems to close just below my strike. Can't seem to get rid of it. If you're right, Travis, maybe I shou[...]
On Tom Dyson's "Bit Shares" that turned every $100 into $1,400
Arguably, the system evolving from the underlying principles that created Ethereum could morph into a fully-distributed, fully-encrypted, finally safe unhackable internet environment, which eliminates government control and creates enough power for big bus[...]
On The State of Things: Ruction at Regulus
So obviously, the best future therapy for this class of disorders must incorporate RG-101 along with sustained-release implantables to supply the protease inhibitors [out of the reach of the patient], as well as the psychoneural modifiers that lift them ou[...]
On What's "the only publicly traded company growing diamonds?"
Dr. Robert Linares has a pretty impressive publication record going all the way back to the 1960s in inventing novel chemical compositions for semiconductors, and he pioneered carbon-vapor-deposition techniques for growing diamond, because he wanted to be [...]

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