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On "Bigger than Penicillin" ... what's Mengel's "Molecule of the Century" that "makes medical marijuana up to 80X more powerful?"
It is a matter of the quality of the oil and the dosage. I live in a Senior Community and had several neighbors tell me they tried CBD oil with no results. I educated them and they now have great results.[...]
On "Bigger than Penicillin" ... what's Mengel's "Molecule of the Century" that "makes medical marijuana up to 80X more powerful?"
Check out the high potency oil from Lazarus Naturals. Not only is their oil very effective, they also offer a substantial discount for Veterans, the disabled and people with low income.[...]
On "Bigger than Penicillin" ... what's Mengel's "Molecule of the Century" that "makes medical marijuana up to 80X more powerful?"
My experience is the same.[...]
On "Bigger than Penicillin" ... what's Mengel's "Molecule of the Century" that "makes medical marijuana up to 80X more powerful?"
Wrong! Full spectrum CBD oil from the Hemp plant works very well. I could be a poster child for it. The key is to make sure the Hemp is organically grown in the US. Also, if a company does not publish independent lab reports, stay away. Another key is [...]
On Sleuthing Altucher's "Electronic Police" Pitch -- Gains Coming November 13?
James Altucher is not eccentric, unconventional or a kook. In my opinion, this is all an act. He thinks his acting will get him many customers for his outrageously expensive newsletters. Unfortunately this seems to work. Does he know what he is talkin[...]
On Stealth Profits Trader
Here it is the beginning of August 2018 and the man still uses pretty much the same hype. 500 sheep at a time! I am a complete beginner, learning as much as I can from blogs, posts found on this site and (thank God I have nothing better to do) from Webina[...]
On What's "Washington's Private Pension Plan" being teased by Palm Beach?
Me too, but maybe not quite a disappointed as you. I have spent the last three months listening to webinars, reading everything I could get my hands on about investing, and initially ordering “financial research “ publications. After realizing that mos[...]
On Solved: Robinson's "Shape-Shifting 'Smart Metal'" Tease for 4,000% Gains?
So far I can only say that these advisories make great money......,for the publishers and editors. Try paper trading all the stocks that are hyped by these less than honest hucksters. What I can state categorically is that I would be broke if my trades h[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
Gentile is not the only one selling this. Altucher has a bragoversial where he takes people that never traded before and uses his “own” account to have people make immediate money. Btw. that account is sometimes referred to his retirement account, othe[...]
On Friday File Unlocked: Kent Moors' $2 Million Startup and $7 Trillion Energy Sub-Niche
Dr. Moors seems to me like a used car salesman. I am a little old lady on a fixed income. So far I have not invested a single penny, thanks to you. I listen to all the hype, then I come to Gumshoe for your review. I have subscribed to a few newsletters, bu[...]

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