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Smart Dust – The new 19 Trillion Industry.

Pitched by Agora – Robert Burke and Louis Basenese – is this real or a stand up comedy routine. Smart Dust. An invisible network of data collection sensors …typically deployed in large swarms. They say CNN reports no one’s privacy will be secure anymore. A trillion of them by 2020. Smart Dust will transform our […]

Gold Based Oncology Protocol

Dear Folks, Can you sleuth out a new one promising 10,000 % returns. A small company about to roll out the most important part of its ” gold based oncology protocol. gold nanoparticles coated with proteins that seek out cancer cells and attack them. Pushed by Agora, FDA Trader, Ray Blanco. I saw this on […]

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On What's the "Tiny $6 Million Company" with a "Stunning Patent Verdict?"
Travis, Great work and analysis as always. Maybe you should have a rating system, and don't spend too much time on the junk rated stuff. Is there any one of these teasers that have come close to doing what these fraud artists say. I can't think of any [...]
On What's the "Jupiter Engine" Being Teased by the Oxford Club?
Do outfits like Oxford ever get sued for fraud/misrepresentation?[...]
On Microblog: Jim Casey Uranium Pitch
The Casey write up says Doug purchased this before at "just 27 cents ... In 2007 shares roared to $8." Talks of depleted supplies at this time and "hundreds of reactors being constructed or prepared in Asia, including China, India and Japan." and "Trump'[...]
On Microblog: Jim Casey Uranium Pitch
Don't know. I have seen about three write ups recently, including one from the Stansberry group, about Uranium. Travis, thanks for the analysis about the Geothermal. Really impressive as usual. Maybe you can sleuth out the Uranium play and give us you[...]
On Microblog: Casey Research Trump Move Just Kicked Off A Secret Energy Boom
Travis, this is coined as "The Trump 2017 Nuclear Boom...earn 100 times your money...turn 1000 into 1,000,400 (or so). Casey Research ... Trump backs "Fossil Fuel Killer"... You are on the subject of energy today so maybe you can keep it rolling. I see[...]
On Porter's 10X "Venture Value" Ad Spurs Some Friday Guessing...
I think the 600 million to 6 billion in 6 years was about the Burger and Fries Restaurant, which folks here seem to think is tast.[...]
On Porter's 10X "Venture Value" Ad Spurs Some Friday Guessing...
There are two Burger / Fries outfits that come to mind - Burgerville, from Portland Oregon and very popular where they have restaurants, and In and Out which are real popular in CA. What do you think of these? Another pick Porter discussed was a proper[...]

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