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Is anyone familiar with ”CTOption” and trading in Binary Options. Is this a scam or is CTOtions a possible money making opportunity? Thanks for any input

Has anyone used the Motley Fool Options program they are promoting? It’s more pricey than most Motley Fool programs at $750 for one year or 1500 for three. The one and two year memberships can only be cancelled for a thirty day period. I am sure they have a ton of winners but there must […]

Steve Sjuggerud with Stansberry Research is teasing a ”Magic Number” that guarantees you can recognize the point that will indicate where nearly every stock will shoot up to tremendous gains. All it costs is $2,000. I think I would pay the 2K if I knew factually someone could point out where any stock will start […]

I just received a lengthy discussion from Mathew Carr, Emerging Trend Strategist for the Oxford Club. He’s pushing his service for spring loaded stocks at a price of $1600 annually and guaranteeing seven double or triple digit winners in the next year and the guarantee is if you don’t get the winners he will work […]

Travis, I just received a new pitch for Casey Research’s Crisis Investing. It’s certainly not cheap at $1500 a year after a $1,000 discount. Can you or anyone shed any light on the value and research provided by Doug Casey? Thanks Marvymarv

Richard Smith was recently joined by Stansberry to promote Smith’s program ”TradeStops”. Are there any opinions on the value of the program. It is not simplistic and I believe will require some tracking to keep your portfolio in sync with all the information. I do however believe the program can add a layer of safety […]

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I agree with the long term sentiment that the metals will have a significant up side. The past two weeks in silver have me somewhat concerned but I believe the silver price was due for a correction. I would love to be on this thread as I m very heavy in [...]

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On Microblog: That was $2.00 a barrel as claimed Kenneth Schaefer over at

I know this has been discussed but can anyone give us the name of the Oil Company Keith Schaefer is teasing in his $2 a barrel and his #1 stock pick? He used to claim Crius as his favorite stock of all time. Thanks for any answers. Marvymarv[...]

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On Microblog: Trade Stops Program

Thanks Dennis, I just recently signed up and haven't figured out all the features to justify the fairly large price. They give us 60 days so I'm pretty sure I'll see all the major benefits before making a final decision. Had I used the system and followe[...]

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