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Super Wells?

KARIM RAHEMTULLA is pitching a small company with drilling rights worth billions of dollars ”96,000 acres of pristine land, loaded to the gills with black gold. With a confirmed $14 (b)illion in potential reserves…” Who is he talking about and is this just a pump and dump for another dry hole?

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On What are the Einstein's "Space Energy" stocks from Kent Moors?
I remain amazed at how little interest there is in thorium as a fuel for nuclear power. There is a huge database of the history of thorium (not good for making nuclear warheads) vs. uranium (very good for making nuclear warheads, and much more costly for [...]
On Three Stocks Revealed for Motley Fool's "The Year the Internet Disappeared"
Whomever is looking for a Mary Jane stock, now may be a good time to dip into INSYS which is portraying itself as a medical stock (and maybe it really is) that is developing legitimate uses for well-controlled cannabis development. etc. June 18, 2015[...]
On The Last Samurai Biotech
Dr. KSS- I have been using Magnesium L-threanate at the label-recommended dosage for about a year. It has resolved my muscle cramps (and my wife's as well) but I was mainly seeking better mental acuity when I embarked on using it. I really do feel it [...]
On Dittman's "How to Bank Massive Gains from an $11 Afterthought Stock."
I did very well with this stock back when Carla Pasternak recommended it as a dividend stock, both with dividend yield and growth. I Had to sell it way back when my broker changed clearing houses and the new house refused to carry Canadian stocks. I was [...]
On Wireless Electricity and the "Midas Supergroup"
Holy ZAP!!! I don't want to be near those things. Period. I have received more than a few sparks while touching the bimini frame (aluminum) on my bowrider that was parked in a storage lot located under a high voltage (TVA) power line. I was able to get[...]
On What's "Ruby-A?" Explaining: "FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer's Kryptonite" teased by Robert Williams
The FDA web site can be a good source of information as far as investing goes… just don't go there for the best available information concerning the safety of chemicals that are fed to our population.[...]
On What's "Ruby-A?" Explaining: "FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer's Kryptonite" teased by Robert Williams
Agreed! Well said.[...]
On What's "Ruby-A?" Explaining: "FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer's Kryptonite" teased by Robert Williams
Thanks for the info Jean-Pierre.[...]
On What's "Ruby-A?" Explaining: "FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer's Kryptonite" teased by Robert Williams
RE-Stents; I too have avoided the use of stents by using the "natural" approach, i.e. bypasses (LOL). I had six (yes, six) in 1998 because "less than half" my heart was alive, and I had less than 5 years to live IF I would have the bypasses ASAP. Fourte[...]
On Dan Ferris' Three Picks: "The Best Resource Opportunity of My Life"
I have owned, and lost money on AAPL 4 or 5 times over the past 20 years or so. But this time I have resisted the temptation, so I suggest that you hang on, as my non-position will in all likelihood push it up nicely nicely for you.[...]
On Microblog: A Michael Murphy New World Investor Tease
Here's a note I found on…Business Wire, downloaded from Yahoo Finance dated 7/26/14 "Antares Pharma, Inc. July 22, 2014 7:00 AM" "… EWING, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Antares Pharma has a multi-product deal with Teva that includes Tev-Tropin® [somatropin[...]
INVN is heavily recommended by TMF. In a solid uptrend since May 19 (see FSC by Worden Bros.). Highly developed unique technology for high speed 3-axis motion analysis, acceleration, etc. incorporating a tiny highly durable gyroscope. Has been volatile [...]

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