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Mid Term Election Trade Ideas…

I’ll post some right here, FNMA and FNMAS. Clock is ticking on congress making a move and/or Mnuchin setting up shareholders for gains by some sort of executive action. Will be done in next 24 months. FNMAS is preferred shares so better odds of receiving something compared to common stock FNMA, but both should move […]

Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT

This is what I shared with my subscribers…. (sent at 3 pm EDT Thursday April 5 2018) Fed Traders, For tomorrow morning’s jobs report I have placed the following trade: 1) I bought April 13th GLD $126 calls & 125.50 puts strangle at $1.36 for jobs report, used a market order. 2) I bought April […]

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On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
Sure takes a great mind to pick a stock thats already very overbought...[...]
On Microblog: About to give up on Agora Financial and 7 Figure Publishing...
Mr. Sullens, as a publisher myself I understand both your concerns and also Agora's business model. I have several of my own trading services, but try not to over-do the promotion. My site is if you'd like to take a look.[...]
On Microblog: What is the name of Ian wyatt's $.55 pre - ipo company?
Ok I see. So essentially he is saying its "pre-IPO" because it doesn't have a NYSE listing yet. Clever =)[...]
On Automatic Trading Millionaire
Selling naked puts huh? Let's see....what's the downside in that? Losing... EVERYTHING including more money than what it is your trading account! Careful with this stuff guys![...]
On Microblog: STeve Sjuggerud‘s melt-up event
Buy TQQQ. There mystery solved, no need for thinkolator.[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
Hi guys I have a new class I am doing with trades for the mid term election, you can get more info here: -Matt[...]
On What's "The Motherlode" being pitched by Dr. Kent Moors -- are you "entitled to a piece of $1.4 trillion?"
When they put out a new teaser, Play for a few days to the long side, wait for a big gap up, sell and then short shares. That's the $$$ playbook for these[...]
On Microblog: Fed Meeting Trade! GLD & SPY options...
sold GLD puts as losing leg at .24 holding calls, Fed keeps rates unchanged[...]
On Microblog: Fed Meeting Trade! GLD & SPY options...
Fed Trade: bought this week's GLD $124 calls & 123.50 puts strangle at .85 for Fed Meeting trade[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
Guys, if you are interested in options trading, follow my gumshoe post here for a free trade:[...]
On What are "Trump Bonus Checks?"
They are just modeling after the "freedom check" schtuff you hear on talk radio, it must be working for them if other advertisers are copying it.[...]
On What are those "U.S. Freedom Checks" being teased by Matt Badiali?
I'm wondering, why are these ads tailored to broke people?...heard one that said "Joe Schmoe was living paycheck to paycheck before he received a freedom check of $__._____".[...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
**FINAL UPDATE SENT TO FED TRADER SERVICE SUBS ON FRI** Fed Traders, The QQQ's finally pushed through the lows of the day so I went ahead and jumped on the chance to close out the puts at $4.13 moments ago. I also sold the GLD calls at .93, but t[...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
Yep! Posting the final update I sent to my Fed Trader Service subscribers now.[...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
Glad you enjoyed the post![...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
Ok gumshoe-ers, I ended up with a small 10% win on this trade. In effort of transparency, I was down about 20% in the a.m. on Jobs Report Friday (day after I put on the strangles), but ended up closing out the trade for a net gain of around 10% on Friday a[...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
That's correct. I closed out on Friday with a net 10% gain, not what I was shooting for but I was down around 20% in the morning on Friday so happy to book a profit. Thanks for commenting Travis![...]
On Seismic Profits Alert
"Seismic Losses" - too funny, well played.[...]
On Microblog: Any thoughts on Chuck Hughes / Tradewins?
I have no idea if I could live up to the expectations of the people posting in this thread BUT I do have a service with 65%ish winners using options trading on the GLD and SPY ETF's. You can check it out at[...]
On Microblog: Options Trade Idea for JOBS REPORT
I'll update the result of this trade here in the comments tomorrow.[...]

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