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Hi fellow Gummies. I noticed recently there has been a decent amount of insider buying in FLXN ( over $10M in the past few weeks, according to Morningstar). Does anyone know anything about this stock?

Does anyone have an opinion/any info on OPKO health (NYSE:OPK)? I know there has been consistent insider buying over the years from Philip Friost, bust at some of the levels I can see (sometimes buying a few shares only) I am unsure if he is trying to pump the price amongst people watchung for ”insider […]

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On Friday File: Panic in the time of Purell

Hi there. I've been following for a while, but this is my first post. So hi .... :-) ROKU sounds interesting ... do you know if they have any plans to venture outside of the US, or are they only planning to stay / expand within the US?[...]

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On A New Look for Stock Gumshoe

Hi Travis. I do appreciate your next iteration of the site. Some feedback on search. I was just doing a search to see if a particular stock had been mentioned or discussed previously (FLXN). When I search, a number of articles are returned in t[...]

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On A New Look for Stock Gumshoe

Is there a page to view "past ideas of the month"? "past Friday files"? I believe these used to exist, but now it seems they are all combined under "premium content(?). It would be useful to be able ti view only "past ideas of the month" / only "past[...]

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