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Long time reader, few months ago subscriber, one of a very few newsletters I read, and def my most favorite. So platitudes aside, I would really love to know what we all think about existing/upcoming marijuana stocks. With mdeical pot on the rise and now with Washington/Colorado legalizing recreational use, it would seem that the […]

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On Extreme Fortunes[...]
On Extreme Fortunes
If PM can turn 10K into a FORTUNE within a year, then he should be trading right alongside members. Using 100K, so he has some skin in the game. Frankly I find it hard to believe anyone that is not risking right along side you.[...]
On Microblog: What company or companies will own the charging stations for electric batteries for cars
Like large Marijuana growing and sales being eventually owned by Big Tobacco, I think Big Oil will begin placing charge stations. First in the major corridors and interstates, then just like pumps, every station will have a universal charger, available for[...]
On Quick Hit Profits
I didn't want to cross-post the whole post - 2018.11.5 -[...]
On Microblog: Peak Velocity Newsletter
Sorry for the long long reply, however I looked and looked for something similar and couldn't find it. So I promised my self I would type it up. Here is me keeping my promise. I've tried 6 of the services (Started with 3 and moved cost to others), each 2-[...]
On Microblog: Banyan's predication of 70% market drop due to change in Rule 10b-18 (stock repurchases) after August 1st SEC meeting
Soooooo, anyways, any of you market gurus have some thoughts? They sure make a good case for the little guys destruction.[...]
On Friday File part one -- Real Money Portfolio updates
The really important news in all this tax grab legalization, is not for the pot heads, or our Lords of State, but for the environment. Several states have already opened up test farms and Ag projects to bring back Hemp production. From clothes, plastics, [...]
On Friday File part one -- Real Money Portfolio updates
Just them using the name "Wheaton" to try and suck people in, i enough to run the other direction.[...]
On Sniffing out Kent Moors' "OBL Superfuel" -- What's the White Gold "1,693X more powerful than gasoline?"
btw - That is always the first question to ask ones self - whats in it for the author. Have you ever known a money manager type to be doing anything for the good of the client? Thank goodness for Travis and Gumshoe.[...]
On What's the "Tiny 'Spare Change' Stock Set To Deliver $87 Million Windfall?"
Hmm up over 80 cents (20%) this week. This reminds me of every time I buy on such a metoric rise, that I wake up tomorrow with 20% less money. :P - Good luck to those in earlier.[...]
On Friday File: "The $13 Billion Gold Anomaly"
On Profits Unlimited's "$7 Tech Stock" and the "strange industry expected to surge 8,000%"
BSWQY - Does it actually exist?[...]
On Microblog: MYRON MARTIN WHERE R U ???
I most definitely 3rd that. I really miss Myrons straight forward take on commodities, and haven't found anyone that comes close to his Junior Mining knowledge.. Hope you are well Myron.[...]
On "Pet Profits: Ride the Animal Healthcare Boom on this Top-10-Potential Stock"
How about a 22lb F2 Chausie?[...]
On "Wal-Lord: How the Retail King's Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income"
Is it my imagination or have we seemed to pick up several trolls?[...]
On Crisis and Opportunity's "Breakthrough technology turns air, sunlight, coal, even water into precious gas"
I thought Musk answered this in the "Fast or Free", your choice video.[...]
On Microblog: Are we doomed for a pullback?
Ahh the age old 'fiat' vs 'commodity' discussion, and the new age, when will the USA lose its 'reserve' status, discussion, IMHO FIAT is not so bad when properly controlled and not borrowed from a Bank. Commodity is only good until the overseers sell [...]
On Who's Tesla's "Operation Bluestar" Silent Partner?
Isn't Tesla giving you the Electricity for free? Further, if you go so far as investing in an electric car, might also invest in ALt power at home, the roof of your carport should suffice.[...]
On Microblog: Options, understandings and tactics
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
Sheesh 'anted' is 'wanted', and 'is lads' is 'it leads'. Apologies.[...]

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