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On Microblog: Why Regado May be Oversold
Doc, You are the scientist first and company analyst second and lastly the stock price predictor. As the last post states, we are adults and most take responsibility for our own portfolios. I too owned RGDO before the decline and almost sold it in a rea[...]
On Microblog: The Gain from Pain Mainly Explained (part one)
Maybe the most humane way to handle capital punishment is to use the old fashioned approach a firing squad.[...]
On Microblog: Yellow Eyes, White Powders, and an Unknown Nordic Biotech That May Green Things Up for Investors
Dr. KSS, Thoughts on the pause in Regado's drug trial?[...]
On Motley Fool Special Ops
I have been a subscriber since February. Portfolio holds 20 positions now with 5 positions with 11+% gains. Those positions taken before my joining. They may had added to some of these positions since. One position down 80+% and seven more down 17+%. [...]

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