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Has anyone used the Tickeron AI-powered stock picks? Tickeron has several different offerings but the ones I’m interested in are the AI-powered robots. I signed up for a free account so that I could see the closed trades without paying. I looked at the performance of the “Swing Trader Market Cap $300M-$2B” AI Robot and […]

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On Friday File: Gambling Hits the Nasdaq, plus Insurance, Preferreds, some Earnings Notes and more...

Buffett and Munger are smart enough to know that we have moved out of regions where our previous mental models work to predict what will happen. To use NN Taleb's word we are now in "Extremistan". Oil in negative territory? Airlines with zero bookings? Go[...]

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On COVID 19 Update and Other Brief Bits

You are correct. I feel that any vaccine that is effective will be mRNA based. Moderna is one of only a few companies worldwide that can produce these at scale. Another is Curevac. I cannot predict which company will develop the final vaccine but I might b[...]

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On Friday File: Cheap Insurance and Expensive Silver

Great research Travis! I am concerned about gold and other precious metals that don't have a lot of intrinsic (i.e. industrial) value. Much like Bitcoin the price of gold is primarily controlled by what people think it should be not what value it has to a [...]

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On 10 Percent Per Month

I'm interested in the real performance of this service. Can someone who has either autotraded with them or followed their trades over a span of several years report the real growth of their portfolio? Obviously trading costs eat up a lot with this kind of [...]

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