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I am wondering if this is something new from him or just a rebranding of his Money Calendar? Here is the link to the promo video I received via Angels & Entrepreneurs: https://pro.moneymappressinfo.com/p/TDYMH14V3/ETDYWCJQ/?customerNumber=000036475332&customerId=000036475332-000063525464&campaignId=78f8aa91-cf32-44d4-9aab-6825d3c22082&r=eml&experimentId=c37edce0-ae97-4208-ae95-c0345aaa290c&vid=IXqD3k&listName=AEPAID&listName=AEPAID&utm_campaign=20201221_ded_tdyoaepaid&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20201221_ded_tdyoaepaid&bsft_clkid=45108f5a-b081-4f0c-bc80-042a144d78c1&bsft_uid=303c77f3-f28d-4742-8c0f-cab477353d3e&bsft_mid=4202ce1f-addd-4a22-ba5c-c9a38a369fe5&bsft_eid=c37edce0-ae97-4208-ae95-c0345aaa290c&bsft_utid=303c77f3-f28d-4742-8c0f-cab477353d3e-AEPAID&bsft_link_id=1074&bsft_mime_type=html&bsft_ek=2020-12-21T17%3A45%3A47Z&bsft_aaid=d7b387f6-0051-4d80-912d-8e2a250b74d6&bsft_lx=2&bsft_tv=3&h=true

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On Microblog: angels + entrepreneurs network

That report is on the website. To my knowledge it didn't come as a separate hard copy. Useful info that I was not aware of, but I'd like to think a good cpa would know these things?[...]

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On Jason Bond Picks

yep, I have tried to enter trades within seconds of getting his texts only to find prices sometimes 20% higher/lower than what he claims, so I have found it to be not at all profitable, customer service lacking, and an overall waste of $297. Thank goodne[...]

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On Microblog: Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Confidentail

I believe Stansberry is recommending a different "guru," Tama Churchouse, with a similarly priced subscription[...]

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