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On Looking into Nick Hodge's "Crypto66" and a "Bizarre Crypto Opportunity"
Any of us could easily "get one of these right" way before he randomly typing in letters to a ticker lookup and saying, "There you go!"[...]
On Brown's "The First AI Stocks I'd Recommend to anyone..." pitch
Okay, I already have all three. Now what? ;-)[...]
On Will Trump Publicly Back "USACoin" to Become New No. 1 Crypto?
Hard to know about any crypto. BTC is holding, as it has been for the past few months. Probably hold onto it and see how it goes. If blockchain takes off, then crypto should benefit.[...]
On Self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Stock Picker" teases "The $10 Company at the Center of a Revolution" ... what is it?
We know that almost all of these are snake oil. Hard to believe that many people go for these newsletters. The best known, Motley Fool, is so hype driven just by itself, that it is hard to believe a vast majority of the time.[...]
On Daltorio's "A single, safe, 'blue chip' stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall."
In our area, we have some good Krogers. But, in our particular town, since it's middle class, we end up with one of the worst Krogers in the area.[...]
On "Motley Fool Triples Down on 'Millionaire-Maker' Stock" -- which one?
You are most welcome! ;-)[...]
On "Motley Fool Triples Down on 'Millionaire-Maker' Stock" -- which one?
Waiting for the Fool to go quadruple down, quintuple down, or the highly anticipated sextuple down. :-)[...]
On "Motley Fool Triples Down on 'Millionaire-Maker' Stock" -- which one?
My take on #AAPL: Steve Jobs WAS Apple. And, without him, they will be almost exclusively turning out sequels to their existing products. I think that their innovation will never be what it was under Jobs.[...]
On 2018 Turkey of the Year
OTC = OMG most of the time. :-)[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
Thank you for the great replies! Much appreciated.[...]
On Friday File: Starbucks Pops, Insurance Drops, Buying after Stops
$SBUX Holiday Cup Offer today, however, was a major fail! They were offering a reusable Holiday Cup if you purchased a holiday drink. But, stores across the nation ran out of the reusable holiday cups early this morning. And, they wouldn't give you a white[...]
On Friday File: Amazon, Alphabet and Midterms -- turmoil time!
Any thoughts on when the market, especially for tech stocks, might hit bottom? Thank you![...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
What would all of you say would be the best cannabis stocks to buy right now? I am interested in companies that are the most grounded and would be good buys for a term of one year or more. I would rather have a good company that knows what it's doing than [...]
On What's Lombardi teasing as "The Tiny $1 Marijuana Stock Next to Be Bought Out for Big Dollars?"
This is purely informational: A company called Invictus is placing online ads around the web. I certainly would NOT buy something based on an ad, but the start of legalized marijuana in Canada yesterday seems to be kicking things up.[...]
On Updated: Can Americans now collect "Federal Rent Checks?"
What would you folks consider to be the best ETF, CEF, Mutual Fund, etc. which would provide a 10% yield and also be sound in its management, growth potential and financials? Thank you![...]

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