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We’d all love to bet the ranch on a sure thing, and who among has too much wealth set aside for their golden years? Because of the runaway government spending/deficits, as well as a plethora of unfunded liabilities from Social Security to Medicare, to the Pension Guarantee fund, and so much more… and now the […]

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On Which Is the Real Villain In Heart Disease – Cholesterol or Inflammation?

Michael Jorrin, Thanks for your answer, but I'm afraid my question was ambiguous. I didn't ask if each of the conditions could be treated (which seems obvious). My question is do you accept the thesis that a person with elevated levels of bad cholesterol [...]

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On "Company that Doesn't Make or Sell Anything" to "Double Your Money Year After Year?

Okay, that sounds interesting. Sounds likely as well. Do you think the MTCH shares would go up then? Dramatically? A lot of the people I know think online dating is a waste of time (other than hook ups) and I don't know why they can't improve the techno[...]

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On "The 5G Device Every American Will Need" leads to "The #1 Tech Stock for 2019"

I've been skeptical about all the good news coming out about the trade deal going well. And although it would be a contrarian bet extraordinaire, if the market are shocked at reports that the trade war may not work out after all, would it be a good play t[...]

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On Friday File: Buying Risky Retail, Checking up on REITs

I agree with you that Tesla is a wreck of a company (despite some redeeming qualities). If you ever know when a great time to go short please let us know. I could tell before the earnings announcement that it was poised for a big move, but the move it mad[...]

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