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old sharp fart looking too make it big timeā€¦one of the aussies downunder....

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harry dent

As a avid collector of 12 paid subscriptions and growing, I become a member of BOOM&BUST.I only invest in AUSSIE stocks. But hey why not learn something from the great man. So I signed up, and was quite impressed on his take of things happening in the world. It is more of a YIN and […]

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On Oxford Club / The Communique
brought the cheap newsletter. very informative.i dont buy there stocks. only deal with asx in aussie...but a good read, well put together....good for an investor...well done OXFORD TEAM...[...]
On Katusa's Resource Opportunities
yikes....phew...glad i read this..[...]
On Resource Speculator
now defunct,,,,,,,,as far as i know...[...]
On Motley Fool Share Advisor Australia
not bad this one,but i always check charts before buying there stocks....[...]
On VectorVest
great helper....good back reference when doing your own homework.cant fault it.charts good.[...]
On Microblog: what is the may,2017 stock to own in the Pual Mampilly letters???
JUICY ads and vids from him. i was slathering and dribbling from excitement.had too change my this really where i find $10.000 and invest.hmmn and say if he was right..well i get a bigger dribble towel..all the blood rushing through my viens.i hop[...]
On Australian Small-Cap Investigator
so many writers now days in the their newsletters. all conflicting ,cofusion rains when trying too find the right i only read a couple nowdays,but only believe whats in my charts now.very educational reads and buy a stock later after th[...]
On MarketClub
Great newsletter 3rd yr now. great for watchlist good fr swing traders..uncanny correct with their triangle buy,make monies.[...]
On "The Mazagan Motherlode" teased by Diggers and Drillers
STILL with this newsletter, well written and the author bends over backwards too deliver a good service. BUT portfolio is in a sad state, but that is the general market conscenses not the authors fault. IT will be interesting too see which stock will jump[...]
On What's Australia's "Golden Cloud?"
any AUSSIE NEWSLETTERS too be recommended let me always chasing new stocks.[...]
On Australian Small-Cap Investigator
AGAIN still Had good results,it ,even though these stocks are buy and hold, i still pluck the cherries from the newsletter and swing trade them.IT only takes 1 of their picks too get up on the day and run,my subscription paid,my fortnightly wages are paid[...]
On "Thin Air" Product Could Make you $7 from 59 cents.
Be ready for another little more excitement with LNG they are buying into another company,,AUSSIE investors dont be left with your pants hold waiting for a $5.00 profit taking range...THEY are a sleeping giant but come out in a big way..lm in...a[...]
On Microblog: RGDO
You sound like a looser..your mental attitude is all wrong, i lost 60% ,,you must factor that all stocks dont go too plan..plan b must be thought out before putting any stock...PUT your saftey belt on JOHNNY BOY buy a beer & Pie,,,and wait it out...then pu[...]
On Microblog: Ultimate wealth
i wish him all the best, it maybe personal reasons, im a member of his ABSOLUTE PROFITS ,,but never invested in his picks as the whole portfolio was on a downer...however im not blaming him, do your own due diligence....pluck the ducks from across a few ne[...]
On Take Stock
ANOTHER from MOTLEY FOOL. for AUSSIES picks..very good reading and value for money..NON exciting stocks but make monies for buy and hold investor...very good...[...]
On What's that Floating Pipeline? (and check-ins on a couple stocks, including one buy)
IF only,,IF ONLY,,you guys did take MR DITTMANS advice,,,just look what happened just recently on price with LNG. everybody im sure had their backs turned the wrong way..[...]
On Absolute Profits
just purchased this one and author is leaving newsletter,bit of a shock.AMERICAN stock picks no good too me, but i liked the sales pitch.ITS a 50/50 portfolio of picks, up and down..HOWEVER his methodly on showing his chart work is excellent and educationa[...]
On Safe Money Report's "Perfect Stock" and some thoughts on Yield and Danger
well written TRAVIS, I come across some of the doom and gloom theories in newsletters thats why i carry a roll of toilet paper in my car all the time.SO when i hear the man on the radio say the blue sky has fallen in.WELL i better get down too the grocrey [...]
On Diggers & Drillers
Still hanging in with this one,i miss the whip cracking DOC ALEX, but they have a new young annalist helping out nowdays,and doing a fine job at that..The resources in some pockets have done well.SO i recommend this news letter also,great reading, good val[...]
On Australian Small-Cap Investigator
STILL GOING STRONG, missed their recommendation LNG damn ..they have a good array of stocks too choose from..SO for all the AUSSIES it is well worth itspurchase price....[...]

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