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I’ve read several emails from at least three guru’s including Stansberry that basically are same dire warning storyline… I’m trying to completely stay away from political issues and not sure if this is disinformation or something worth looking into. Does anyone have any solid information about what he is referring to? This is a copy […]

Swap-lines and their impact on gold investments Please watch a YouTube video. The Most SHOCKING Interview you’ll hear in 2020. Pls do an article on this “swap-lines”and Robert Kiyosaki For example what impact will swap-lines have on the stock market, the world economy and on gold prices. And will swap-lines have an impact on your […]

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On Another Look at COVID 19

I probably should stay out of this but almost am beginning to believe that covid may not be as big of a issue after the election.[...]

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On Eric Fry's "Secret Behind the Coming 50X Gold Bull Market"... explained

It looks like they charge 10%+ to buy gold. I'm trying to locate where to purchase for 2% over present spot price tks[...]

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On What's this "Apple-Fi" Business from Ray Blanco?

Buy Apple stock - rumor has it that they are setting up their own Fi. They certainly have the ability but that has to be a few years away even if true...[...]

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On Microblog: Tme Gentile Minting New Millionaires July 30

I can't remember and am unable to locate my notes. I'm looking for a resource to buy gold at 2% over spot. Eagles![...]

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On Is Bezos Buying "The #1 Penny Stock of 2020?" Paradigm... "It holds the $8.18 Trillion Cure to Man’s Biggest Problem"

One thing that just keeps nagging at me is what is Bezos going to absorb next. He starts investing regularly in a corp. and then buying them. The stock is then it's absorbed by Amazon. Certainly there must be potential if one can determine in advance this[...]

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