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Michael Jorrin,
I have been a medical writer for about 25 years; before that I was a documentary film maker, and some of my films were about medical subjects. I am not a physician, but I have a pretty good scientific background. I wouldn’t dream of recommending any kind of treatment to anyone, and I cannot give medical advice. However, I understand the medical literature and the data and evidence behind it, and I have an inquiring and skeptical turn of mind. I scrutinize and question and, sometimes, challenge the positions of some of the established health-care organizations as well as the marketers of health information. Eternal vigilance is a small price to pay for health. — Michael Jorrin (aka DocGumshoe) Michael Jorrin is a paid contributor to Stock Gumshoe, he has agreed to our trading restrictions but he chooses his own topics and his words and opinions are his own.

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Update on Antibiotic Resistance: December 2019

The headline that snagged my attention was this:  ‘Thirty-five Thousand Americans Die of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Each Year” This was based on the Centers for Disease Control’s Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2019, which led off with the statement that more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the US every year, and more […]

Doc Gumshoe – Short & Easy Bits

This particular bit of news leaves your friend Doc Gumshoe shaking his head in puzzlement.  To wit, in the US it is expected that there will be a substantial shortage of physicians in the upcoming years.   The American Association of Medical Colleges predicts that this shortage may reach about 122,000 physicians by the year […]

Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019

The publicity material for M. D. Anderson in Houston, Texas, which is perhaps the leading cancer treatment center in the United States, frequently includes a statement to the effect that they are committed to “ending cancer.” That statement puts me in mind of maps dating from the first century AD, in which large unexplored areas […]

Why We Take the Bait

One would think that it would take a person of normal intelligence about half a minute to conclude that lures such as the ones below could not possibly be on the up and up.   Here’s one.  It starts out with a note from Christine O’Brien. “The Sovereign Investor Daily A brand new, ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ […]

In Defense of the Egg

Doc Gumshoe is not in the habit of contradicting the conclusions, backed by research, that are stated in papers published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, commonly referred to as JAMA.    JAMA is, after all, one of a handful of the most prestigious medical journals on the planet, along with the New […]

Short Bits for a Short Month

“For such a beastly month as February, 28 days as a rule are plenty,” said the Pirate King.   But you would be surprised at the number of interesting snippets of news in the health-care realm that landed in my inbox during this short month.   I’ll lead off with one that gave me a particular kick. […]

Rapid Response: The Israeli Cure for All Cancers? And a Postscript on Opioids

What set me off on this rant was the very first comment on the piece that posted on January 31st, “Looking Backward – And a Peek in the Other Direction.”   Here’s the comment: “Thanks, Doc. Hope you will comment on the news out of Israel this week: https://www.jpost.com/HEALTH-SCIENCE/A-cure-for-cancer-Israeli-scientists-say-they-think-they-found-one-578939” Naturally, I looked, and what I found […]

Ketamine: Menace or Miracle?

I’ll grant that my headline is meant to be catchy and induce you to read this epistle.   Some of you will ask what is ketamine anyway, and most of you will know from the get-go that ketamine, whatever the heck it is, will turn out to be neither a menace nor a miracle, but something […]

Cancer Treatment 2018: Looking Towards the Future

Most of the attention in the media is now focused on the several forms of cancer treatment grouped under the flattering term “Precision Medicine.”   I find that the term raises my skepticism index just a bit; it’s like eating establishments labeling themselves “Gourmet Restaurants,” the implication being that joints not so identified are just […]

Cancer: The Lay of the Land in 2018

Putting the name of this imperious disease in the title of my homily places a weighty responsibility on me.   Who am I to attempt to put forth relevant information and sensible opinions on this topic, the mere mention of which makes most normal folk distinctly uneasy?   But I probably pay more attention to […]

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On Which Is the Real Villain In Heart Disease – Cholesterol or Inflammation?
Answers to comments: To the tribe member who said it was not a “one-size-fits-all” guideline – precisely my point. The medical organizations believe that they have to put out guidelines, even though they actually realize that “one-size-fits-all[...]
On Which Is the Real Villain In Heart Disease – Cholesterol or Inflammation?
Bravo! Keep doing what you're doing! I wish you many, many years more. Best, MJ aka DG[...]
On Update on Antibiotic Resistance: December 2019
Pharmaceutical outfits seek FDA approval for new indications for at least a couple of reasons. One, the new indication prompts physicians to prescribe the drug for that indication when they might not have done so otherwise - i.e., it boosts sales. But[...]
On Update on Antibiotic Resistance: December 2019
Colloidal silver is not in the antibiotic category. It is an anti-infectant, not too disimilar to iodine or alcohol or such. Yes, it can exterminate pathogens, but not without some damage to surrounding tissue.[...]
On Update on Antibiotic Resistance: December 2019
It would indeed be excellent, but the FDA rule is that once a drug is approved, a physician can prescribe it for anything at all. An antibiotic could be prescribed as a treatment for anything from Addison's disease to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Enjoy [...]
On A Look at the Promise of Gene Editing
Thanks very much for setting me straight on this. I just went back to check my sources particularly on Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier, and I now see that my error was mine alone. There keeps on being more and more about gene ediing, and I [...]
On A Look at the Promise of Gene Editing
It was not Travis that got it wrong, but Yours Truly Doc Gumshoe (Michael Jorrin). I was thinking of purines and pyrimidines when I made that blunder. Thanks for putting me back on course.[...]
On Recent Comments: Responses and Reflections
All correct, but why should it affect pilots more than other people? By the way, the amyloid plaque hypothesis just got dealt another blow - a woman with an APOE variant that in her immediate family has led to disastrously early AD (in their 40s) was fr[...]
On Recent Comments: Responses and Reflections
Many thanks! Oxygen depletion could certainly affect cognition, along with other physiologic consequences. Have no clue as to whether the long-term effects could be permanent dementia or Alzheimer's.[...]
On Recent Comments: Responses and Reflections
Certainly don't mean to shortchange you, but Im not coming to any definite conclusions on Anavex 2-73 in advance of definitive data. I won't deny that there are promising signs, but that has been the case with many other prospective AD drugs which eventu[...]
On Alzheimer’s Disease: 2019 Refresher and Updates
I haven't checked up on Anavex lately, but will do so. Thanks.[...]
On Friday File: One Sell, One Short, A few add-on Buys... plus some quarterly updates
Take the Kweichow Moutai loot & buy some Talisker or perhaps Uigeadail . Best, MJ[...]
On Solving the Healthy Returns pitch: "Retire 10 TIMES RICHER" -- What's their "#1 Best Biotech to Cure Your Retirement Money Worries?"
Esperion has worked hard to get bempedoic acid & the ezetimibe-bempedoic combo to the point where the FDA green light is likely. But then it will take its place in the running with the statins & other anticholesterol agents, which are cheaper & work fin[...]
On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
So far, nothing has been published about HAMLET's drug, named Alpha !A. All we know is that the company has characterized the results of their Phase 1/2 trial as favorable. Caveat emptor![...]
On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
This is a reply to your previous comment. The answer is YES, i had a prostate biopsy in 2002 & then a prostatectomy about three months late. The whole thing was unremarkable. My PSA levels continue to be undetectable. But that was me. Every pe[...]
On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
I have had two colonoscopies since my 75th birthday and I'm due for another one in 2020. The underlying concern is with the patient's life expectancy; mine appears to be pretty good. I'll check into ColoGuard.[...]
On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
I will try to check into those - thanks for the hint.[...]
On In Defense of the Egg
... but without Investing Gumshoe there would be no Doc Gumshoe![...]
On In Defense of the Egg
I'm gratified by the volume and tone of the comments, thanks very much. Can't respond to any in particular today - have to go to a funeral & then the dress rehearsal for our chorus's Saturday concert. I'll make a note of the many suggestions for furthe[...]
On What's Curzio's "The End of Heart Disease" Stock and its "One Simple Device?"
Oh, my! Omron also makes a fairly reliable BP device, surely more accurate that a watch, for about seventy bucks. A continuous BP device is perhaps valuable in a very few people, but BP should be measured at rest for the readings to have any value, sin[...]

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