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MONIF and Cooperman

Monitise plc (MONIF) is a British company in the mobile payments business. They create and sell software that allows banks to accept payments from mobile phones – both iPhone and Android (and presumably other platforms). They were one of the first movers in that business and hold many patents, have contracts with many major banks […]

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On Solving Ferris' "Extraordinary Upside in Rare $13 Gold Stock" tease...
I have been buying gold royalty/streamers and miners ever since I first saw videos of Trump's rallies, on the provable theory that , for whatever reason, he doesn't know what he's doing. So far I seem to have made a good choice. My gold-related stocks and[...]
On Microblog: When's the good investment entry point for upcoming recession?
You should be looking at gold-related stocks . They have been left for dead since the last spike in mid 2016 but are now moving up pretty steadily since a low in May. Pretty much everything is moving up in the sector since gold broke resistance from its[...]
On Microblog: Discussion page for Arch Therapeutics (ARTH)
Today $ARTH is valued at its EV/shares value, 48.4M/173.6shares = 0.2788 according to Schwab. My first reaction was "What the hell?" especially because it dropped on the exact same day the market tanked on the China trade news. Upon examining the cause mor[...]
On In Defense of the Egg
I'm 88. My blood pressure measures in the range of 120/65 +/- 5; pulse usually around 60 except mornings ~55. Not diabetic, cholesterol a little high, but stopped statins because it affects my muscles. Weight ~145, height 5'6 (have shrunk 3 inches since y[...]
On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
Have followed Fool's newsletters for years but only bought twice and was disappointed. The stories are always good and look promising, but by the time I see them on MF price is usually often high. The megawinners like AMZN are of course the exception but t[...]
On Ferris' "The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career" Pitch
I own a bunch of gold stocks. The best one I own is KL, an Australian miner, because they consistently make money like any well-run business, followed by B2Gold (BTG). Many of the others are speculations whose yoyo stock price essentially depends on the da[...]
On Fool's "The Tiny Black Box That Could Eliminate Cable" and "Cable TV's Ticking Time Bomb" teasers
Just realized again that Gumshoe is among the very best market-info investments I've ever made. Thank you again, Travis for your acute analyses and integrity. Very rare in today's con-infested world.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion page for Arch Therapeutics (ARTH)
Sure glad I had faith (although I'm normally not very religious). Been buying $ARTH all the way down - even got some at 26cents. Maybe too soon to buy champagne but it sure feels good.[...]
On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris
I've followed Stansberry newsletters for years (can't stand their constant stream of teaser spam either) and had some success when I did my own due diligence first. Sjuggerud seems to have always had a good handle on market direction but his timing is oft[...]
On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris
I own 10 shares each in PHYS (which follows physical gold) and SGDJ (which follows junior gold miners) but I use them only as "indicators" to hint at which direction those categories are heading. I have obviously never made real money on them but never l[...]
On Motley Fool Rule Breakers
I've bought their Rule Breakers and Stock Adviser over the years and like their analyses and their apparent lack of hype (except in the ads), but have never made money on their advice, probably because I didn't follow their advice on how to setup your por[...]
On Supercycle Trader
Anybody tried their latest "Supercycle Investor"? They are asking a tin of money for it. Predicting world economic collapse but you'll get rich in commodities. Some of heir predictions sound implausible - like the Euro is about to tank, etc. Just curious.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion page for Arch Therapeutics (ARTH)
Does anyone know what happened to the price on Tuesday 11/7 when it took a dive from .72 to .48 and bounced back within hours? Who dumped a large position and why? Profit taking? Or is there some news coming? Perhaps an unsolvable mystery but somebody know[...]
On Microblog: Discussion re $ARTH
Today's move made me feel much better - up $10K profit (but then back to $5K before I had time to brag). But that's OK because I play with a bunch of Gold Miners and have gotten used to a lot more volatility so I just sit and wait. I have faith - hoping f[...]
On Seeking Alpha
Judging by some of the comments above, many readers just don't understand the function of the site. It isn't run by a single purveyor of advice, like the Motley Fool or Stansberry organizations. Rather, it's an open forum where anyone with an informative p[...]
On Microblog: Stansberry's metropolitan man interview?
Probably David Stockman - he apparently has a website with a list of stocks that will save you when the catastrophe arrives.[...]
On "God's Gold" at less than $9 a share teased by Jim Rickards
I've dabbled in the junior miners and followed them for several years, made some, lost some. My biggest mistake was buying into Pershing Gold (PGLC) too early. It has lots of good news: fully permitted, in Nevada's best location bordering some of the biggi[...]
On Casey's "Total Destruction of the European Union" Pitch
Depends on whose interpretation of prophecy you believe.[...]
On Jim Rickards, Saudi Arabia, and the "Great Currency Shock of 2016"
Travis, what is your opinion on Rickard's latest venture touting his newsletter on junior gold miners? He claims to have a proprietary stock picking system called MIDAS which will construct the perfect portfolio to make millions when gold hits $10,000/oz. [...]
On Chris Mayer's Five "Coffee Can" Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever
I bought GGP in 2009 starting at 61 cents before their Ch.11 and takeover by Ackman et al. Bought more on the way up, and later received HHC shares at about $3.50 when Ackman spun off GGP's hidden real estate assets into what I suspect is his permanent inv[...]

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