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Ive been trading options for about two years but feel I lack some basics and some base understanding . Anyone recommend a good online trading course that is not full of beta/ gamma theory but more streetwise teachings…. dont mind shelling out a few Monty dollars for it….appreciate any recommendations

Seems my email is being ignored …. Oxford Press through Marc L pushing a USD 2500 odd special opportunity to get inside advice on when the VXX on certain days is going to spike in the last hour of trading . They claim with suitable testimonials and figures to have bought joy, harmony and a […]

wow just read the indictment against Huawei by the Grand Jury see here If only 10% of this sticks Huawei will be in real trouble. I wonder if this will prompt a rating by British authorities about there decision re Huawei. It sort of reads like a compendium of illegal activities all in one.. […]

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On Who's the Insider "Betting $350K on his Biomed Company's Stock?"

I like it when these idiots pop up with the latest greatest offer in order to extort money from you. Correlating some insider buying with major potential stock price explosion and touting this at high cost is just great, Enables one to block this idiot a[...]

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On What's this "One Stock for the First Addiction-Proof Cure for Pain?"

got to believe that if there was real "uniqueness and efficacy" in this as to pertains to pain management that Purdue Pharma or other big Pharma would have snapped this up ...... maybe this might happen.. certainly pain management is huge business especial[...]

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On "The 'War' for 5G: 3 Little-Known Stocks to See 60X Gains"

Interesting... what hasn't come out re Lynas and which has a knock on effect to Northern Minerals is the West Australian government has agreed to fast track evaluate a RE processing plant in WA. This would rid Lynas of its Malaysia woes although I bet you [...]

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On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018

where are you getting your information about the Magnesium from.. whilst its true lateritic ores such as ARL are mining at their big project contain significant other metallic oxides they are easily dealt with in processing . One can even go down the BHP [...]

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On "Company that Doesn't Make or Sell Anything" to "Double Your Money Year After Year?

Thanks Travis, sort of a hard one to get the head around re invest or not....normally its pretty easy.. company with solid fundamentals and a product that has an easily quantifiable value chain that one can see strong market need for and has a distinctiv[...]

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On Microblog: Neil Patel's Angel's and Entepreneurs are offering info on start-ups

I posted somewhere else here that these clowns are just scouring the sites like We Funder , Republic and Start Engine, finding new starts that are listed, do some basic home work on them and dress it up as you beaut ,"in depth research" , cutting edge[...]

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On NetPicks

I bought into their NASDAQ super stars service, must admit I liked the promo and felt comfortable with the video presentation , it wasn't a high pitched sell just here is what we do and here is our results etc etc. So USD 999 later i have access to the [...]

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On Microblog: Dark Burst Device

This one was too easy.. just look at second patent they list in the promo.. enlarge it and you can decipher the number.. hit then USPTO website type purloined number in and bingo its Enphase[...]

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On "Easily Make $104,000" from "Chaos in the Global Shipping Markets on January 1, 2020"

Travis, it would be really interesting to bench mark these publishing houses and authors of " you must do this to get rich" and look at their hit rates . In my last 6 months of reading allot of their diatribe they would have had me pouring huge money in[...]

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