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Casey Research about the 1-1-8 Technology, the $2 stock to revolutionize electric cars, International Speculator

Inside a Jeff Clark Market Minute is an ad ”This Patent will change the World Forever” and shows the title of the filing ”Lithium Metal Oxide Electrodes for Lithium Cells and Batteries” with a patent date of 1/13/2004 (yes 2004)… immediately making the claim ”this is bigger than the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, Bitcoin […]

Tiny $3 company getting set to sign contracts with the Pentagon / Casey Research / China Kill-Switch

From an ad inside someone else’s fodder, ”America’s #1 Technology in the Hands of Tiny $3 Company” comes a 52 minute, non-forwardable-to-the-end video talking about how China has access to this material that the US is dependent on, at times using the phrase ”China’s kill-switch”. Presenter Chris Reilly eventually invokes the Nick Giambruno name and […]

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On Microblog: Five Coins to Five million by Teeka Tiwari
For some reason I sat through the entire presentation, probably because I had work to do at my home office anyway. Teeka shows pre-and post "phenomenon" charts of former picks. He doesn't identify them, just Subsector Crypto 1 to Subsector Crypto 5. If yo[...]
On Sniffing out Wyatt's "$0.50 Cannabis Pre-IPO" Pitch
But then there’s other webinars about new techniques to predict the market changes days in advance using AI and other mechanisms. The “hook pattern” is the biggest crock.[...]
On Microblog: 1-1-8 tech
oops see my separate posting as a new topic[...]
On Motley Fool's "Goosebumps" Pitch for a "Hidden 5G Superstar"
I’m thinking it’s time to start considering what companies are involved in 5G and stop worrying about who the next big marijuana company is going to be.[...]
On Microblog: What is Matt McCall's, Investment Opportunities, of Investor Place, Pot Stock teaser to buy April 4th IPO
Well Flower Power Didn’t seem to do much of anything since the recommendation three months ago - maybe he’s just guessing- glad I didn’t send him any money. His most Recent recommendation – harvest per another reader , well that doesn’t look lik[...]
On Friday File: India, China, the Big Picture for 5G, and a bit of Selling
Sold half my NOK after realizing it was only up about 8% in 2.5 years and the dividend wasn’t THAT big.[...]
On "Top Stock Under $3?" What's Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock?"
Carr is now taking credit for the once rocketing TLRY (it hit 300 for about 10 minutes one day) and CGC. His 5/21 presentation shows up arrows for various pot stocks, but with no dates to show how they've come back off peaks. But now instead of a $79 news[...]
On Microblog: What is Matt McCall's, Investment Opportunities, of Investor Place, Pot Stock teaser to buy April 4th IPO
Having just listened to the initial 45 minute presentation plus an additional 5:41 presentation, I can confirm that FLWPF is McCalls 'free' recommendation. He only spoke it - he didn't put it down in print... Details of his program ($1499) is that if his[...]
On Hodge teases: "Get Rich on the Tiny Stock That Will Revolutionize Amazon’s Supply Chain"
Would an example of electronics IN ink be what’s in HP printer ink - where it can tell if non-HP ink was loaded to a cartridge after it originally ran out - and have your pc give you an option not to use the not-officially refilled cartridge?[...]
On What's Mampilly's "1 Pot Company" with revenue "expected to surge 3,988%?"
Matt McCall seemed to mention Namaste in his overly redundant 52 minute video last week, though I didn’t get thru the whole thing. In it he mentions 3 dates of upcoming events.... If nothing else he seems a younger huckster that Investor Place is pushi[...]
On "Potential FDA Approval could change your life" pitch from Matt McCall
OK, the summit was yesterday; what was learned / revealed ?[...]
On Cabot's "Secret Stock" -- 6.1% Dividend, Anyone?
Lest anyone thinking only Navellier has a Dividends newsletter[...]
On Thinkolating on the "Breakthrough 'Quantum Glass' Battery"
WaTT has risen and fell.[...]
On Solving Fool's "Betting $523,059.77 on Tom's top pick for 2019" teaser
Made a lot of money on ANET calls...until I didnt...And didn’t ride puts down the other way. As far as marijuana stocks go, I happened to have a call on TLRY last fall when it had that fantastic rise up at - one point the $640 call I bought was up to $14[...]
On Self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Stock Picker" teases "The $10 Company at the Center of a Revolution" ... what is it?
But most anyone who pays some attention to the market would have noticed the rise of Shopify, NVDA, etc independently of Motley Fool’s tips.[...]
On Self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Stock Picker" teases "The $10 Company at the Center of a Revolution" ... what is it?
Glad That you did all that research for us. The problem with getting private Briefing (I Subscribed for a year and then refused more no matter how low the price) is he then also promotes all the other money morning shysters and whatever they’re hawking i[...]
On Microblog: Louis Navellier's Accelerated Profits Newsletter pitch Nov 12, 2018
At least the RYAM he 'finally revealed' in late September (after lengthy pitch) has had some success. But in the recent pitch he's still listing NVDA as one of his big success stories...yeah, from 3 years ago maybe. Would like to see list of what he reco[...]
On Microblog: Louis Navellier's Accelerated Profits Newsletter pitch Nov 12, 2018
He's now down to $699 for a three month Test Drive. (I heard that some banks will create a "credit card number" for customers to use for limited term purchases that cannot be renewed).[...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
Left identified INGN as his next short target, May 24 when it was at 170. It momentarily dropped to 157 but then went on to peak at 278 before falling to current 210. So I do with Citron what I used to do with Zacks, act contrary to their recommendation[...]
On What's the "Secret '$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint'" Pitched by Technology Profits Confidential
Had a lot of highly regarded ACBFF and in six months it basically went down from 9 to 6 (times a factor of hundreds)[...]

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