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Hi, Really appreciate your input regarding various stocks and opportunities to take advantage of or leave alone. I was wondering about Mr. Gerardo Del Real and his latest offer to sign up to Junior Mining Monthly. Most of what Mr. Del Real was selling was the opportunity to have the inside track to purchase stocks […]

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On Microblog: MICROCURRENCY ALERT: Inbound Recommendations Could Surge 1,000%

Thanks for the info. You’re luck to get your money back that wasn’t the case for me when Money Map discontinued “Heat Seekers”. The only thing I received from them was a Rude Response to my request for a prorated refund and an offer to join anoth[...]

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On Cannabis Venture Syndicate

Not only did Robinson fail to mention the company’s name he also failed to identify, by name, the 3 individual management team members who were pictured in the preservation.[...]

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On Navellier's "The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution" and "Most Disruptive Innovation in 45 Years" Pitches

We must have seen the same advertising pitch. Is there any proof that Navellier was successful with his earlier picks, everyone selling online stock advisory systems state similar results; that is one reason for my joining Stockgumshoe. Thanks for your i[...]

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On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar

Thanks for the info, I just finished watching the Microcurrency Trader video and was tempted to invest; fortunately, I recently joined Stock Gumshoe and thought I would check to see if anyone had something to say about the system. It was the fact Gentile [...]

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On Microblog: Liquid Media Group

Good Evening, looking for information regarding video game stock companies, i.e., Liquid Media Group. Anyone familiar with the company or industry?[...]

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