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On Microblog: A Non-Statin Pill That Really Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Inflammation without Side Effects Would be a Good Investment, Right?
Dr. KSS. It is a informative and linguistic blessing to find your articles. Thank you. I wonder if I may ask you what do you thing of the notion that blood types have different food reactions. Dr. Peter D'Adamo comes to mind. Many thanks.[...]
On Microblog: A Non-Statin Pill That Really Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Inflammation without Side Effects Would be a Good Investment, Right?
One method that has proved very effective in gum inflammation control/cure is brushing with baking powder (in some water to make a paste) and, once or twice per week, rinsing with a half/half peroxide and water. I have been doing it for years. Perfect gums[...]
On Microblog: PHOT
Thanks a million for your suggestion and input.[...]
On Microblog: Will PCSK9 Inhibitors Be the Next Blockbusters in Cardiovascular Disease?
"Now, there’s evidence that what saturated fats do is increase the levels of the larger LDL-C particles, which don’t appear to be particularly harmful. It’s the smaller, denser LDL-C that most contributes to atherosclerosis, and those are more relate[...]
On Microblog: In A Brutal Biotech Market, A Reason to Be Excited: Introducing Regado Biosciences
I love this site. The education one gets is invaluable. Thanks Dr. KSS and thanks to all who commented. I am forever a grateful reader and student.[...]
On Microblog: From the Motley Fool
I thought so too. What about SWIR? That was another one pitched.[...]
On Friday File: Cabot's #1 China Pick, Altius, and more...
I just checked ATUSF and it shows an EPS of -0.22 (Yahoo Finance). Does it worry you? I am not sure that the question is pertinent or even intelligent as I am quite new at investing. I signed up to your Irregulars because it is the most instructive site f[...]
On Microblog: NASH: An All-Too-Common Liver Disease and a Company Aiming to Treat It
THANKS a million for an informative article. You go well beyond the strictly financial perspective. What a blessing to have experts like you, enlighten us about these complex physiological processes in a clear and concise language.[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
I would greatly appreciate your opinion on BIOL, ERB, SNTI. Thank you[...]
On $82 billion opportunity disappearing soon? (Frank Curzio's Phase 1)
I am an occasional but very interested and grateful reader of yours. I love the depth of your analysis. I also live in New Zealand at the moment. I would like to report this article on the subject:[...]

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